Asset Store · 12. June 2020
Finally we could have a meeting for an interview, full of questions and answers about the assets and the publisher work itself.
Asset Store · 02. June 2020
Sci Fi assets for sale this June! Check out!

Asset Store · 24. April 2020
Alien Terrain environment pack for unity receives update with new prefabs, levels, playable demoscene & more.
Asset Store · 15. April 2020
1.9.2 is the second one for a serie of updates that will rise the level of Stronghold Pack to a fantasy essential.

Asset Store · 06. April 2020
Grand update for cyberpunk city asset: Neon City. Many new features and prefabs for this version 1.1 including new meshes, textures, scenes, etc. Use it to create your own cyberpunk style environment.
Asset Store · 30. April 2019
New Dlnk sci-fi themed environment asset available at Unity Asset Store. Create your colony base with Colony Factory!

Asset Store · 13. March 2019
New update for SciFi Platform City with updated content and new prefabs to make your city fly!
Asset Store · 18. February 2019
Big update for Stronghold village with new grid snap ready assets and several changes.

Asset Store · 16. August 2018
New unity asset for desert building creation. Create your own town using modular pieces.
Asset Store · 11. August 2018
Quick update for etp including new assets

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