Asset Store · 22. May 2018
New update for Stronghold Village with new snap grid assets & upgraded to 2017 unity.
Asset Store · 21. March 2018
First round with 2017 unity version asset update
Asset Store · 16. March 2018
New stylish robot sci-fi humanoid available at Unity Asset Store.
Asset Store · 23. February 2018
Brand new environment pack available. Create your own sci-fi cities from modular pieces full customizable materials.
Resources · 23. January 2018
17 new materials ready to work on unity for free.
Asset Store · 19. January 2018
New asset demon girl available at Unity Asset Store.
15. January 2018
Been working couple months in this project where childs and also those grownups too can take a look at the christmas toys in augmented reality.
02. January 2018
Hotfix for all assets using javascript files, not working now on Unity.
Asset Store · 29. December 2017
New asset available at Unity Asset Store to create realistic and fantasy modular caverns suitable for Top Down, 1st or 3rd person camera.
02. June 2017
After a couple months of development there is a sci-fi environment in the DLNK store for Unity.

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