02. June 2017
After a couple months of development there is a sci-fi environment in the DLNK store for Unity.
24. April 2017
Earth provides artists with most of the content & references we need to create new stuff. In this case I've come with a new pack including near 30 skies from real world. From sea scapes, snow, landscapes to urban environment, ruins, etc. You can use it as background or as base for realistic lighting in your unity scene. This pack includes 28 free skies from real world ready to be used as environment. Sized from 2048x4096 to 8192x4096 depending on each sky map. Packed and prepared to work...
17. April 2017
I've not received any feedback yet from costumers, but anyway I've come to realise that using big scenes from some of the 5.5 version updates end up with a bigh memory crash. (tested up to 32Gb RAM) In my experience that could happend with only the bigger ones, like the last SP demo. If you dont find any troubles with this, you can play along with the asset as usual. In case that issue happend to you, please wait until new quick update. It's in the way. I think it's related with the changes on...
10. April 2017
As allways, looking for references in my hometown, Granada, I've decided to take a walk and take some pictures of the surroundings of the ancient fortress from nasrid ages. The andalusi culture was a very rich one back in time. In this town there were three cultures living together: jewish, christians & muslims. That mix and the fact that this kingdom was for hundred years, independent from Damascus caliphate, makes it unique in the world, and also, one of the most visited remains of his...
16. March 2017
Just decided to take a walk today and there was a very windy day, so fresh air at least. (Even being on the coast, this city air is very polluted usually) And, as I like to, I was taking a few videos & pics to use as real-life references whenever needed. I have to addmit this city is very clean but just inside the city itself, the rest of the environment is quite dirty, lots of garbage everywhere.
13. March 2017
Finally the second part of this dungeon environment is ready for download at Unity asset store. Forbidden Dungeons 1.1 includes the next part of these dungeons with new levels & tons of prefabs for creating a dark underworld. Corridors, sewers, & rooms. All made by pieces so you can build your own custom map or use the pre-built sections.
09. March 2017
With this winter update round it comes this new big update for Stronghold Village Pack 1.7 including new prefabs, high quality (2k/4k texture sheets from dlnk Texture Library), new special shaders, etc. I've tried to take into account the nice feedback received from customers such as "grid tileable floors" to work easily creating your medieval fantasy city. Houses can be placed in the floor blocks or just created grid-size with the new prefabs. As you'd notice there is not so much to choose on...
07. March 2017
Since I've received a nice feedback from user Diego Liermann telling about several issues when updating Ancient Ruins to Unity 5.5.0, there is comming a hotfix update. Now terrains, particles & materials look good as intended. Cameras and Fxs have been updated in demoscenes to look better with Cinematic Image Effects. Character is still included but only in last demoscene (Ancient Ruins 1.3) and olders keep included using Free Camera. Finally if you need this update quickly please send mail...
02. March 2017
As long as those assets requires less work for this round of updates, they're the first available on the store. All them are yet ready for download at the UAS. As allways, all updates are free. Characters, props & vehicles assets have been checked one by one to fix any issue wich can appair due to Unity version updates and all of them are yet ready tested and working under 5.5.0, some of them also includes new maps or additional upgrades but mainly are quite similar to previous versions.
08. February 2017
From now on almost every asset in the store is in documentation process previous of an upcomming update. All updates are in documentation process. Once finished, Unity will check the assets for (expecting not far from 3 weeks) and all updates will be available for download. Unity 5.5.0 will be the new version used for the updated packs. As allways, all previous versions will be kept downloadable but doesn't get the updated content. The only two packs that are not being updated are the two last...

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