Working with Shader Forge

Best graphic tool for Unity3D...

That's my opinion of corse, but with lack of a technical artist we artists who work alone with just our graphics skills use to feel upset when our cool 3D stuff comes into unity with his poor built-in shaders. Shader Forge rises Unity3D a little bit closer to the big engines like Unreal letting us to decide how we want our models look.

I've been working those days in a custom shader pack to make my models on the store (so as my personal works) look the way I want. That's why I've been searching for some time how to create a relief shader (much better than parallax) that fill the hole betweer poor parallax mapping and extremely heavy tessellation.

I've found some interesting stuff on the unity forums

I also wanted a shader that can make up/bottom mixing to create snowy or mossy materials (as you can see in the video below).

The water.. that was really complicated. Better to explain I'll share the node map: