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Ancient desert town for Unity

What's a desert without an ancient town? I mean, it's a desert, but a boring one... That's why this pack comes to give your fantasy game a cool medieval-arabic style city. Or village, or just a lonely house, or a castle. That's your choice because it's a modular pack where you can build your own stuff from basics like walls, doors, windows. Can also be used for Top/down games if that's your project requirement. You can also edit many prefabs to change materials since many meshes uses multimaterial to allow customization. Finally several decoration prefabs and some free assets from Essential Terrain pack to spice your scene with a better ambientation.

Video realtime using Unity 2017.3.1 & i7, Gforce GTX970

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Some updates for ETP

Tropical & desert quick update

While working on the new "Desert Town Pack" it became necessary to work on some natural environment to ensure the correct ambience so It was clear that Essential Terrain Pack was about to get an update.


This 1.3 version includes a new kind of tree: Palmtree, with a small variation for "baby palm" called Palm plant. On the other hand includes a new plant for desert terrains, cactus, with some variations.


This quick update is already available downloading at Unity asset store. It's released under 2017 version and probably will be the last update for before upgrading to new unity.


So hope you enjoy this update!

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