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Stronghold gets updated!

Grid snap & 4k textures

With over 1500 prefabs this tool will allow you to create fantasy medieval villages both normal 3d levels and top down style.


As an answer to customer requests there are 2 main changes in the new update:


With the last update the pack gets a new set of building assets for grid snap workflow wich makes it easier for level design.

There is also a lot of new 4k tileable textures included in 1.8 update to increase close detail for first person view.


Finally includes a new demoscene so you can check how new features work in an actual working level.


1.8 Update new assets:

  • Building Assets / Building Advanced / _BuildHouse / Pieces / Floors (+23)
  • Building Assets / Building Advanced / _BuildHouse / Pieces / Frames (+8)
  • Building Assets / Building Advanced / _BuildHouse / Pieces / Frames / Doors (+5)
  • Building Assets / Building Advanced / _BuildHouse / Pieces / Frames / Windows (+17)
  • Building Assets / Building Advanced / _BuildHouse / Pieces / Roof (+25)
  • Building Assets / Building Advanced / _BuildHouse / Pieces / Walls (+41)
  • Active Elements / Active Doors / BuildHouse (+5)


Extended asset info

Screenshot gallery

Work in progress scene with new snap grid prefabs
Work in progress scene with new snap grid prefabs


Unity17 Asset Updates

With each big step made by Unity upgrading his amazing tools, we publishers at Asset Store have to move a step forward too. This is time for DLNK to update all assets at the store to the 2017.3.1 version of unity.


Since 2018 version is already at beta and it's been presented at GDC these days, that will be the last update for the assets using this version of Unity. The only exception will be if any hotfix is required.


At this moment many of the assets at DLNK catalogue are yet updated. Mostly have just been upgraded to the new version with updated scenes and some fixes. Other packs got some new stuff.


There is a reason why some assets that hasn't been updated yet. All of whom are still waiting is because are big asset packs and are gonna get some extra content so, beign bigger updates will take a few more time to release.


If you are interested about the updates you can keep tracking in the facebook page


All updates are listed in each asset so you can check what have changed in any asset into the asset store change log or here in the asset catalogue. If there is no reference to the last update it means it's just a version update with no relevant changes.


Updated assets:

Demon Girl, Leviathan, Submachine Gun Reaper, Vampire Bat, Sea Princess, Weaponmaster, Zombie Cartoon, Armored Golem, Gargoyle, Loader Heavy Machinery, Nautika Spaceship, Space Base Pack, Winter Assets, Forbidden Dungeons, Spaceship Condor, Arachnya Demon, Ancient Ruins, Ancient Caverns.

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