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This site is about digital & game art mostly. You can find old works at the portfolio or stay tuned with the last creations at what's new? page.
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About dlnk

What is this page about?

Essentially this is the place where to find all my artworks and other material I'm creating. With a bit of luck you can know me a little bit or you can just use the contact page.


Art is about feeling...

For a good understanding of my artworks you have to think in terms of how they can make you feel that alternative realities might come true through them. I like to think of my job as a way to tell great stories.



I'm a freelancer artist with special interest in realtime / game works with a big touch of fantasy and creativity.

Last activity

Free materials

Just working on a new material pack to update assets for 2018... somewhere in the process It seems I made a mistake and all materials were 512x512 sized when meant to be 4k.


And I said to myself: Well, now all this work making tileable materials has to be deleted. Sounds funny eh? Nope. Then I thought that someone could use them for blocking or just with the correct tiling could be useful for anyone looking for free materials and textures.


So that's how this pack was born. And now it's available for free with 17 free and unique materials (512 size) ready for unity 2017.


Hope some of you could find it useful :) Link in the image

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