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This site is about digital & game art mostly. You can find old works at the portfolio or stay tuned with the last creations at what's new? page.
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About dlnk

What is this page about?

Essentially this is the place where to find all my artworks and other material I'm creating. With a bit of luck you can know me a little bit or you can just use the contact page.


Art is about feeling...

For a good understanding of my artworks you have to think in terms of how they can make you feel that alternative realities might come true through them. I like to think of my job as a way to tell great stories.



I'm a freelancer artist with special interest in realtime / game works with a big touch of fantasy and creativity.

Last activity

Platform City gets updated!

Demo produced with Unity 2018.3.8

Upgraded demoscene

For this asset demoscene has ben improved including TopDown Library  to make doors work properly. While the assets are not specifically crafted for top/down, are prepared and quite easy to work that way if required. Also there is a new robot character included free for testing.

The sky is the limit.

Since the asset got a big 50% discount couple weeks ago, the asset has become quite beloved into the unity store community. As allways you, the costumer, decides what assets will get more updates just by pruchasing it, since more sales into an asset means the asset will get more care from creator, and this is time for Platform City.


The asset is meant to design a (more or less) custom futuristic and clean city, colony base or similar. For it's first update is time to fly so the platform that creates base for the city is now suitable to be just floating in the sky. Can be combined with grounded parts or other floating platforms.


Rest of the assets works exactly the same way as usual, all prefabs for building are modular, combinable (as much as possible) and also grid sized to properly work with ProBuilder2 or just the normal grid snap.


Extended Asset info

Download from Unity Store

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