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Forbidden Dungeons sewers

Big Update 1.1 including new zones!

Finally the second part of this dungeon environment is ready for download at Unity asset store. Forbidden Dungeons 1.1 includes the next part of these dungeons with new levels & tons of prefabs for creating a dark underworld. Corridors, sewers, & rooms. All made by pieces so you can build your own custom map or use the pre-built sections.

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Stronghold Village just got new stuff!

New 1.7 update comes with lots of news

With this winter update round it comes this new big update for Stronghold Village Pack 1.7 including new prefabs, high quality (2k/4k texture sheets from dlnk Texture Library), new special shaders, etc.

I've tried to take into account the nice feedback received from customers such as "grid tileable floors" to work easily creating your medieval fantasy city. Houses can be placed in the floor blocks or just created grid-size with the new prefabs.


As you'd notice there is not so much to choose on new complete houses but you can create yourself just watching how demoscene is built. About grid-sized streets it also comes with prefabs to create different city height levels as your enviroment design requires.

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