Neon High City

Neon High City includes over 300 combinable modular prefabs including new assets and premade blueprint prefabs to create High city environments with Neon City with high streets, platforms, bridges, floating platoforms in many levels, building walls, etc.

on top of the world

cyberpunk over the clouds

The main point of this asset is to give Neon City users the possibility to create new amazing environments in the top of the skyscrappers that populate the cyberpunk cities.

For this purpose Neon High City includes over 300 prefabs with high building streets crafted in a modular way to be seamlessly combined creating environments with full compatibility with the original Neon city asset and all the other assets from Neon collection.


Thi pack has been desgined using Unity 2021 builtin but it's also available on HDRP and URP.

also update for Neon city

Neon city 1.3.1 version release

Along with this expansion kit it comes the release of a new update for Neon city asset including over 50 new prefabs mostly with street decoration and some new decorative building prefabs as well as new crystal fences.
As allways this updates are free for previous owners of the pack.

the neon collection