Neon High City
Asset Store · 12. February 2024
Neon High City includes 320 combinable modular prefabs including new assets and premade blueprint prefabs to create High city environments with Neon City with high streets, platforms, bridges, etc.
OuterWorlds Bundle
Asset Store · 10. December 2023
Take a look at the amazing Outer Worlds bundle that includes four essential assets to create realisitc and cool space environments.

Update Round Nov'23
Asset Store · 11. November 2023
Quick review at asset updates released this november wich includes Forbidden Dungeons, Lovecraftian Horror Village and Desert Town. Improvements, fixes and new content included.
Fantasy Worlds just arrived!
Asset Store · 09. November 2023
Fantasy Worlds arrives including 4 high quality environment assets fantasy themed with over 3000 modular prefabs on them and a lot of extra resources like demoscenes, texture packs, shaders, etc.

Ancient city ruins for Unity
Asset Store · 26. August 2023
This new released pack for Unity contains 450+ Ancient Ruins prefabs with combinable modular prefabs and many architectonic elements. It works for both interior and exterior and allows different levels of custom building.
Neon City grows with Pro Buildings
Asset Store · 21. June 2023
Neon Buildings boasts a wide range of features to help developers create stunning neon city environments. With over 300 blueprints for Neon City, developers have a wealth of options to choose from when designing their virtual worlds.

Stronghold finally gets pipelined!
Asset Store · 02. June 2023
Stronghold village is a complete set of assets from Daelonik Artworks to build fantasy villages and medieval cities with Unity. This upgrade comes with HDRP and URP versions included for free.
Nature Worlds Bundle
Asset Store · 28. March 2023
New bundle released! From Daelonik Artworks to Unity Asset Store comes Nature Bundle. Including 4 different biomes and over 900 prefabs, custom shaders, fxs, texture library, gaia biomes, etc. Its a great tool for creating unique environments for your game project.

Quick Update Round
Asset Store · 22. March 2023
Quick review of the last updated Unity assets at Daelonik Artworks: Neon City, Essential Terrain, Mediterranean Nature, Ancient Caverns.
Soul Link Game Jam '23
GameDev News · 20. March 2023
Magique is hosting a game dev jam in a few days with the main theme of using Soul Link for Unity! Also Daelonik Artworks is sponsoring the jam with some prizes, so check it out if you don't want to miss'em!

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