Fantasy Worlds just arrived!

Build your own magical worlds with quality assets!

Do you think a mystical dungeon or some anceint underground sewers is something your game might fit in? Maybe a fantasy castle, village or stronghold? Or is it a terrorific wooden village near the river? Possibly a persian style city or arabic palace in the middle of the desert... All this possibilities are at your reach with this huge asset bundle wich contains over 3000 unique prefabs including modular buildings, premade buildings, decoration props, items, and many more along with many additional material like quality tileable textures, shaders or nature assets. Also this assets are crafted to be useful both FPS/3rd person or Top down. Everything working on builtin, HDRP and URP!

Such features!

  • 3000+ prefabs library
  • Modular combinable prefabs
  • Different levels of customization
  • Easy to use with premade buildings
  • Decoration props and items libraries
  • High quality 2k texture sheets
  • Custom shaders (ASE compatible) for special effects
  • Demoscenes to start playing with the assets
  • Essential Terrain assets free included

big discount!

  •  With the purchase of Fantasy Worlds Bundle you save 20% of the price for the content included in the bundle.
  • Also if you have already purchased any of the assets included you get extra discount on final price.
  • 30% Additional OFF on LAUNCH SALE!... That means you're getting almost 50% OFF discount from original price.


Assets included in bundle