Forbidden Dungeons  (FD)


last unity version: 2020.3.30

pipeline: SRP (Default) / HDRP (downloadable) / URP (downloadable)


With this pack you get the tools needed to create a dungeon environment. It can be customizable to create your own underground level. You can also mix the pieces with other environment tools. Included many lods in heavy models to improve performance. Inside this asset: 206 prefabs with different blocks to build scenes, decoration props, fxs, shaders, materials, high quality textures, etc.


Right now it includes 2 main zones (big room & sewers) wich also includes corridors, extra rooms and 2 different sewer style (small & big). This underground pack is constantly growing with every update including new different zones & assets.

version 1.2 [Render Pipelines]

Pipeline Download links

[Pipeline Update (URP/HDRP)] 

Update your Forbidden Dungeons asset for the required render pipeline downloading the unitypackage file available in the links above and import into your project.


[TIPS for pipeline update]

  • Import dependencies only when using SRP.
  • When using any pipeline the custom shaders from other pipelines won't work as intended.
  • Any issue with custom shaders check updated version here [dlnk Shader Library]


[Update 1.2 Features]

  • URP additive package
  • HDRP additive package
  • URP & HDRP scene updated
  • URP & HDRP materials updated
  • URP & HDRP shaders updated

version 1.1 [Sewers]


  • Updated scenes
  • Updated shaders
  • Unity 2017.3.1

update 1.1

  • This version includes new zone: sewers with 94 new assets including interior corridor zones (with exterior), decoration, fxs.
  • Included Lods on many old assets to improve performance.
  • New Sewers demoscene
  • New free libraries (hq shaders & textures)

features (v1.1)

  • Sewers Zone (include 3 Lod levels)
    • Build Assets / Fence (+7)
    • Build Basics / Brick Stone (+6)
    • Build Basics / Ceiling (+15)
    • Build Basics / Floors (+5)
    • Build Basics / Walls (+16)
    • Build Rooms / Room Pieces (+29)
    • Decoration Assets / Grille (+13)
    • Effects / Particles (+3)
    • Demoscene Sewers
  • Lods included (3 Lods)
    • Build Assets / Columns
    • Build Assets / Gates
    • Decoration Assets / Decoration
  • Added Free Libraries
    • dlnk Shader Library
    • dlnk Texture Library

version 1.0 [Big Round Hall]


. Build Assets: 41
. Build Basics: 27
. Build Rooms: 8
. Deco Assets: 18
. Effects: 6
. Lighting Luminaria: 12

Assets in this pack has been created to be used in a AAA game. That´s why most of the textures uses 8192x8192 (8k) resolution. Some of the maps frequently found in this pack:
. Albedo / Color
. Spec / Metal
. Ambient Occlusion
. Normal Map
. Cavity Map
. Metalness

FD also includes some custom shaders (compatible with Shader Forge) to create custom effects. Some of the included shaders:
. Advanced Standard
. Advanced Top Bottom
. FX Water

This environment pack includes a texture library for detail maps. Most of the textures are based in source material from cg-textures.

FD includes 2 demo-scenes for free:
. [Demo Scene]: Round dungeon demo-scene
. [Demo Assets]: Test scene with some assets
Anycase, all assets used in any demoscene that are not listed in the prefab folder are free to use but are not included in the asset support.