Shader Pack [ASE]

Shader Pack for Standard Pipeline
Shaders included: TopBottomOpaqueDetail, Advanced Leaves, WaterFx
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Shader Pack for URP
Shaders included: Opaque Detail, TopBottom Opaque Detail, Advanced Leaves, WaterFx
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Legacy Shaders

dlnk Shader Library (Unity 5+ & Standard pipeline)

Advanced Shaders Pack (Fixed for unity 5.3.1)
Shader Forge compatible shaders.
[Shader Pack].rar
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Custom shaders library created using Shader Forge. Upgraded to work under Unity 5.3.1.

Includes the following:

2 faced transparent, advanced grass, advanced leaves, advanced standard PBS, advanced TopBottom PBS, simple Top Bottom, water effect

This shaders  are part of the different libraries used in DLNK assets. As long as this has been created with Shader Forge, this content is included free in the packs and it's also available here. Of corse, all shaders are editable using Shader Forge.


Licensing: The use of this shaders are allowed while used into any commercial or non-commercial project but is not allowed to be included in a downloadable package for being reused.

Basic Shaders

PBR Basic

This is a basic PBR shader with special option for custom separated metallic & gloss maps. Also includes option for easy tiling uvs.

PBR Simple

Similar to opaque Standard shader with no parallax

Advanced Shaders

Advanced Opaque

This shader includes all main features for opaque PBR standard while with non multiplicative detail using mask. Also allows manual control on Metallic & gloss levels.

PBR Advanced

Similar to Advanced Opaque including some new features as parallax depth, translucency & cavity dirt.

Top Bottom

Similar to Advanced Opaque with a  vertical / horizontal mask for dirty or mossy materials.

Top Bottom Cheap

Similar to Top Bottom without parallax & upper metalness & a0 maps.

Water Fx

Custom simple water shader

Water Fx 2

Custom simple water shader

Water Foam

Custom simple water shader with foam effect

Complex Shaders

Relief Complex

Relief shader with detail maps & many features

Relief Cheap

Simple relief shader

Relief Top Bottom

Similar to TopBottom but including relief effect

Opaque Tessellation

Complete tesellation shader

Opaque Tes. Cheap

Simple tessellation shader

Water Foam Tes.

Water shader with tessellation and foam effect

Water Fx Tessellation

Water shader with tessellation

Shader Pack (Unity 5)

[Shader Pack].rar
compressed file archive 63.2 KB

Shader Pack for Unity 5.3

This pack has been made using Shader Forge. You can edit & modify shaders as long as you want using the requested tool. Includes the following custom shaders:

  • 2 Sided Transparent
  • Advanced Grass
  • Advanced Leaves
  • Advanced Standard
  • Advanced Top Bottom
  • Water transparent
  • Water opaque
  • Simple Top Bottom
  • Advanced Standard deferred
  • Water deferred

Custom Shaders (Unity 4)

Custom Shaders.rar
compressed file archive 127.2 KB

Shader Pack for Unity 4.6

This pack has been made using Shader Forge. You can edit & modify shaders as long as you want using the requested tool. Includes the following custom shaders.


The support for this shader pack is no longer available but you are free to use it in your personal projects.

  • Old Shaders
    • Basic Refraction
    • Bump Detail
    • Bump Detail Reflection
    • Bump Detail SSS Occlusion
    • Bumped Occlusion
    • Bumped IBL Occlusion
    • Custom Flag
    • Lighting Emissive Rim
    • Mixed Lighting Rim
    • Parallax Occlusion
    • Parallax Reflection
    • Parallax Rim Occlusion
    • Particle Refraction
    • Sub Surface Scattering Fake
    • Water Flow
    • Water Flow Basic
  • Mobile Shaders
    • Bump Detail mobile
    • Standard mobile
    • Top Bottom mobile
  • Old Standard
    • Basic
      • Basic Glow
      • Basic IBL
      • Basic IBL Refract
      • Basic IBL Transparent
      • Basic Opaque
      • Basic Parallax
      • Basic Relief
      • Basic Rim
      • Basic Top Bottom
      • Basic Translucent
    • Detail
      • Detail Opaque
      • Detail Parallax
      • Detail Relief
      • Detail Top Bottom

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