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Find all kind of available resources for your art or game project here. Also some documentation about the free-included stuff in dlnk assets.

  • Tutorials: with mostly free tutorials cg art or game art themed.
  • dlnk Libraries: info and documentation about free dlnk libraries included in assets

News on Resources

Free materials

Just working on a new material pack to update assets for 2018... somewhere in the process It seems I made a mistake and all materials were 512x512 sized when meant to be 4k.


And I said to myself: Well, now all this work making tileable materials has to be deleted. Sounds funny eh? Nope. Then I thought that someone could use them for blocking or just with the correct tiling could be useful for anyone looking for free materials and textures.


So that's how this pack was born. And now it's available for free with 17 free and unique materials (512 size) ready for unity 2017.


Hope some of you could find it useful :) Link in the image

Free Real Skies available at UAS

Earth provides artists with most of the content & references we need to create new stuff. In this case I've come with a new pack including near 30 skies from real world.

From sea scapes, snow, landscapes to urban environment, ruins, etc. You can use it as background or as base for realistic lighting in your unity scene.


This pack includes 28 free skies from real world ready to be used as environment.

Sized from 2048x4096 to 8192x4096 depending on each sky map.

Packed and prepared to work under last Unity version (5.6.0) including premade materials.

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Ancient nasrid arquitecture

Alhambra & surroundings

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Taking a walk... with waves & wind

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Ancient ruins found!

To find the best references is a nice habit to take your camera to every place you go. The knowledge of the reality always comes first than the creative process. It's the mind who draws, not the hand.

Real world to create realistic environments.

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Searching references for a new project: coast ruins

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sketching around

Lovecraftian village concept art: Quick sketch on cube i7 stylus using PS


As Im working on new projects I like to share the making of process when I have the time. With this attitude I've made a quick making of video where you can see the painting process in this concept sketch.


In this case I wanted to have a quick idea of how the demoscene in the asset would be. Using that idea I started with a landscape from a nice alttitude to have a clear overview for the scene.


Using this kind of fast sketches you can get a proper idea of how to manage time while creating assets as long as you can see how much every part of the work list affects the hole scene. Once you've done this part you can focus on creating stunning details to complete the ambience.


You can find the video with a click in the left image or in the Tutorials section.

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New section: tutorials

Introducing new free tutorials

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