How to Pipeline with Daelonik Assets

Built-In to SRP

Here is a quick simple guide on how to import assets from Daelonik Artworks into Unity for different SRP pipelines like URP or HDRP. Example using Neon City with URP in Unity 2021.


The process is in fact quite simple but sometimes a bit of help with a step by step tutorial is very useful.


Step by step

Follow the steps for updating your project to a different pipeline. If not specified the opposite, all packages are Built in ready by default.

  1. Download the selected asset from the Unity Asset Store / Package Manager into your computer.
  2. Import the asset (Built-in pipeline version)*
  3. Once imported go to the asset at Unity Asset Store / Package Manager and search for the "ASSET INFO" link in the description.
  4. Click in the link and search for the button to download the additive unitypackage for URP or HDRP**
  5. Import the downloaded package in your project over the Built-in version. That should update shaders, materials, textures and scenes.


*Do not import dependencies unless the asset description specifies it. Most assets include reference to post processing effects for built-in wich is not required for SRP.

** Unity version for SRP might be higher than required version for Built-in. That's because of incompatibilities with older versions of SRP.

Quick Tips

  • Import dependencies only when using Built-in. These dependencies are just the post processing camera effects wich are not included by default.
  • When using any pipeline the custom shaders from other pipelines that were not updated to the new pipeline won't work as intended and will show up pink color.
  • Any issue with custom shaders check updated version here [ASE Shader Library]
  • Custom shader library is not granted to work on any beta or alpha build of Unity.
  • It is recommended when first time using the asset to import in a blank project to check out everything works properly.
  • Also if you get any errors try checking out in a blank project. If error still appair contact us. (discord is recommended)
  • For some HDRP materials will require to add "Difussion profile" to your HDRP settings. That can be done automatically just selecting the material and click on the button "FIX IT" that appair next to the warning note.
  • Gaia Biomes doesn't have a specific version for HDRP so you will need to remap "ambient oclussion" at terrain layers to max level since there is not a map for it and will show up black by default.

Relevant info

  • Custom shaders might appair pink if you are using a higher version of unity than the one the unitypackage was made with. If that happens just import the correct version of the shaders in your project. You can download it in Resoruces/Shaders/ASE Shaders
  • HDRP does not support classic grass billboards so the assets that require it includes a ShaderGraph from: UnityTerrain HDRP Demoscene
  • URP version might guive you an error when "Build and Run" some demoscenes: universal render pipeline/lit': maximum ps_4_0 sampler register index (16) exceeded. If that happens please contact Unity support or use just "Build". It is a known issue. For a workaround to this issue is very helpful to remove detail maps from the broken materials. Sometimes might be enough just removing the normal detail map.