last unity version: 2021.3

pipeline: Builtin (Default) / HDRP (Downloadable) / URP (Downloadable)

*Demo video uses several assets from asset store like KWS water system, Volumetric Fog, Height Fog and HBAO Occlusion. Final look might be slightly different for this reason.

lovecraftian horror village

fantasy environment

This is an environment art pack inspired in lovecraftian stories. Can be combined with other packs and environment assets to create terror stories, fantasy coastal environments, etc being able to be used both in Top/Down or First/Third person camera games.
With over 600 prefabs this pack includes all you need to create a "lovecraftian horror village" with complete buildings, pre-built rooms, floors, roofs and a big bunch of different pieces to combine or modify the existing ones using only Unity. Also including big library of decoration elements, props & items with LOD. Materials are mostly customizable so you can choose from the material library to modify the existing prefabs easily.

Asset includes several demoscenes where you can test how to play with the prefabs.

There are also a lot of free content included in the pack to spice up the demoscenes like free demo character and a bunch of nature prefabs from Essential Terrain Pack.

demo screenshots

Asset Highlights

  • Includes over 500 prefabs to create a “Lovecraftian horror village”
  • Several levels of modular customizable prefabs.
  • Suitable for interior and exterior level design.
  • Works for FPS, Third person or even Top Down games.
  • Includes a large library of decoration elements, props, and items with LOD.
  • High quality pbr 2k materials library
  • Materials are very customizable so you can choose from the material library to modify the existing prefabs easily.
  • Includes custom shaders for special effects.
  • Includes several demoscenes where you can test how to play with the prefabs.
  • Several nature assets from the “Essential Terrain Pack” are included for free.

asset showroom

Prefab List

  • Building (440)
    • Building Advanced (111)
      • Floors (8)
      • Misc (5)
      • Roof (18)
      • Rooms (37)
      • Walls (43)
    • Building Basics (329)
      • Arcs (9)
      • Base Wood (123)
      • Doors (12)
      • Fence (16)
      • Floor (29)
      • Misc (10)
      • Pillars (11)
      • Roof (17)
      • Stairs (12)
      • Wall Block (31)
      • Wall Door (12)
      • Wall Window (19)
      • Window (28)
  • Decoration (179)
    • Decals (6)
    • Exterior (13)
    • Furniture (35)
    • Harbor (16)
    • Illumination (22)
      • Exterior (9)
      • Interior (12)
      • Special (1)
    • Items (70)
      • Books (13)
      • Food (34)
      • Misc (5)
      • Tools (18)
    • Misc (2)
    • WallDeco (15)


Version 1.3

  • updated to unity 2021.3
  • rebuilt HDPR and URP versions
  • fixed GUID compatibility issues
  • new high quality pbr textures
  • updated materials
  • updated shaders
  • cleaned project (removed old unused material)
  • updated demoscene

Version 1.2 [Render Pipelines]

[Pipeline Update (URP/HDRP)]

Update your asset for the required render pipeline downloading the unitypackage file available in the links (right) and import into your project.

pipeline downloads (v1.2)

Update 1.2 features

  • Updated to URP (Untiy 2021) additional downloadable unitypackage
  • Updated to HDRRP (Untiy 2020) additional downloadable unitypackage
  • Updated scenes for HDRP & URP
  • Updated materials for HDRP & URP
  • Updated custom shaders for HDRP & URP






[TIPS for pipeline update]


  •  Import dependencies only when using SRP.
  • When using any pipeline the custom shaders from other pipelines won't work as intended.
  • Any issue with custom shaders check updated version here [dlnk Shader Library]


Version 1.1


  • Updated to Unity 2019.4.18
  • Fixed scene (Myst village)
  • Playable demoscene (Dark Coast)
  • TopDown Wizzard (top down / 3rd person scene manager)
  • New Essential Terrain Pack free assets
  • Free demo character (Robot Ico)
  • 190 New prefabs:
    • Building
      • Arcs +1
      • Base Wood +2
      • Fence +2
      • Misc (Balcony) +2
      • Stairs +1
      • Window +2
    • Decoration
      • Decals +6
      • Exterior +13
      • Furniture +35
      • Harbor +16
      • Illumination +22
      • Items +70
        • Books & papers (13)
        • Food items (34)
        • Money (5)
        • Tools (18)
      • Misc +2
      • Wall Deco +15
    • Active Prefabs
      • Buildings +1

Demo controls:

[W] forward [S] backward [mouse] camera [space] jump/fly [I] invisible [E] use/open [Shift] run [F5] switch camera

Darkwater village scene [screenshots]

Top down shots

Version 1.0 (myst village)


Test Character: Sea Princess Mahia




In this pack there are three kind of prefabs:

  • Buildings: Complete buildings with top/down control scripts
    • Big House
    • Coastal House (2x)
    • Guard House
    • Tall House
    • Town Gate (2x)
  • Building Advanced: House pre-built pieces
    • Floors (8x)
    • Misc (5x)
    • Roofs (18x)
    • Rooms (37x)
    • Walls (43x)
  • Building Assets: Basic building assets
    • Arcs (8x)
    • Base Wood (121x)
    • Doors (12x)
    • Fence (14x)
    • Floor (29x)
    • Misc (8x)
    • Pillars (11x)
    • Roof (17x)
    • Stairs (11x)
    • Wall Block (31)
    • Wall Door (12x)
    • Wall Window (19x)
    • Window (26x)
  • Active Elements: Interactive props
    • Doors (8x)
    • Top Down controls



ETP includes 3 main demo-scenes for free:

  • [Demo Myst Village] Main demo-scene using most of the assets
  • [Demo Assets 1.0] Secondary demo with special materials
  • [Test Scene] Material & shader test demo

All assets used in any demoscene that are not listed in the prefab folder are free included content. You are free to use this content but does not include support. Anycase if you find any troubles you can leave feedback in the support form.




[dlnk Texture Library]

Most of the textures used in this pack are 2k sized. Textures in this new library are unique created from real hdr photos and ready to work under PBS environment.

The textures included are the following:

  • Basics
    • Masks
    • Noise
  • Construction
    • Bricks
    • Plaster
    • Tiles
  • Fxs
    • Skies
  • Manmade
    • Cuir
    • Metal
    • Wood
  • Nature
    • Ground
    • Rocks
    • Water
    • Wood


[dlnk Shader Library]

Also included in this pack you'll find the shader pack (Shader Forge compatible) with more than 20 custom shaders to achieve better material effects. All shaders include fallback to standard shader to avoid serious issues on low end platforms. Most of them work on deferred for a better performance.

  • Basics
    • PBR Basic
    • PBR Simple
  • Advanced
    • PBR Advanced
    • PBR Advanced Opaque
    • PBR Top Bottom
    • PBR Top Bottom Cheap
    • PBR Top Bottom Simple
    • Water Foam
    • Water Fx
    • Water Fx 2
  • Complex
    • Old Relief (deprecated)
    • Old Water Moving (deprecated)
    • PBR Opaque Tessellation
    • PBR Opaque Tessellation Cheap
    • Relief Cheap
    • Relief Complex
    • Relief Top Bottom
    • Water Foam Tessellation
    • Water Fx Tessellation
  • Special
    • Shadow Pass


[dlnk Script Library]

This library includes a growing bunch of useful scripts to make your scenes work better and includes some simple tools for free. This is an art pack so script stuff is not under support. Anyway, as previously said, if you find any troubles you can leave feedback in the support form.


Special mention in this pack for the Top/Down Control Scripts library wich will able you to control the active view of the different floors in buildings while using top down camera.

In this library are included the following scripts:

  • Scene Control: Used to manage main scene details such as player, hotkeys, ui, cameras, etc.
  • Town Manager: Manage all buildings in scene in a single script and change detail levels local or global.
  • Building Control: Used to set up floor divisions of a building.
  • Building Trigger: Used to set triggers for moving from one floor to another
  • Push Trigger: It moves or rotates an object using trigger & hotkey to start event. Used for active doors.


[Other free included content]

In order to create a great looking demoscene for testing purposes you can find a lot of "extra stuff" included in the pack. Special mention for the following:


  • Sea Princes Character (Lite Version): Includes only low lod and basic animations.
  • Essential Terrain pack: 7x terrain assets from this pack
  • DLNK Source: Some demo & showroom material
  • Standard Assets: If you find trouble with this assets try reimport them from the unity's original.
    • Cameras
    • Character Controllers
    • Cross Platform Input
    • Effects
    • Fonts

As owner of this product you can use this environment pack in your projects with all the "free included content" such as dlnk libraries, test characters, etc while the project included in a game or serious game. The resell of this content or part of it is not allowed.