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Sea Princess


last unity version: 2017.3.1


This package contains a whole character with a sheet of animations to work with different platforms including 2 LOD models so you can use it both mobile or stronger platforms like pc or consoles. Includes realtime cloth cloak.



  • deleted deprecated scripts
  • updated scene
  • unity 2017.3.1


  • Updated to Unity 5.5.0
  • Updated camera fx on scene


  • Unity 5 support
  • Updated maps for Standard PBS
  • Scene updated to Enlighten
  • New Unity 5 PhysX cloth system



2 Level of detail (LOD) versions:

LOD 1: 4800 Polygons

LOD2: 900 Polygons

Rigged character mesh, configured for the animator controller as humanoid. 


[Cloth System]

The character include 2 cloth systems (one for each model) for the cloak. There is kinda bug in unity that doesn't allow to create prefabs with both mesh renderer & cloth renderer so you must add the component (cloth renderer) in the cape. If you have any doubts about just look in the demo-scene.

Character clothing is removable from the main character (main clothing ,bra, shoulders, cape & crown)



LOD 1: 2040x2048

Color Map

Alpha Map

Specular Map

Normal Map

Metalness Map

LOD 2: 2048x2048(character) + 2048x512(weapon)

2x Color Map

2x Alpha Map

Specular Map

2x Normal Map

Displace Map

Metalness Map


[ 21 Animations]

All animations are mecanim ready and compatible with any humanoid character. There is only one avatar for all animations (SeaPrincess Avatar). The LOD version includes other avatar but the animations can use both. Animations included:

Stand Idle

Look around

Combat Idle

Idle to Combat

Attack 1

Attack 2

Attack 3

Attack Special (with jump)

Get Damage 1

Get Damage 2

Walk Cycle

Walk Forward

Walk Combat Cycle

Walk Combat Forward

Run Cycle

Run Cycle Forward


Fall Down

Rise Up




[Unity DemoScene]

The asset includes a demoscene (the one you can see on the video-demo).

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