Essential Terrain Pack (ETP)


last unity version: 2019.4.18

tested pipelines: Standard


Using ETP (Essential Terrain Pack) you can build nature elements with or without unity Terrain tools. This pack includes mesh terrains, several rocks and details, animated trees and vegetation, water, mountains. Create quality landscapes of natural environments. With near 200 prefabs and growing this pack includes also 4 demo scenes and some effects like water shaders or particle effects to increase ambience into your scenes. The pack includes textures & shader libraries additionally and assets are meant for performance using LODs.

version 1.3

update 1.3.1 (RENDER PIPELINES)

  • HDRP additional upgrade pack available

  • URP additional upgrade pack available

  • updated HDRP shaders

    • updated Top/Bottom shader
    • included new Grass shader
  • updated HDRP scenes (*grass works now as trees on demoscene island due HDRP terrains doesn't support grass shaders but performance drops. Recommended use of external tool like Vegetation Engine

[Pipeline Update (URP/HDRP)]

Update your Essential Terrain asset for the required render pipeline downloading the unitypackage file avaiable in the links below and import into your project.


  • Updated to unity 2019.4.18
  • Fixed old scenes
  • Improved materials & textures
  • New demoscene (island)
  • Free demo character (Robot Ico)
  • Gaia ready (Included biome)
  • 50 New prefabs:
    • Cliffs (4+)
    • Trees (6+)
    • Detail Small (40+)
      • Mushroom (22+)
      • Plants (7+)
      • Dead trunk (11+)

Prefab List (with polycount) ETPv1.3
ETP Assets.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 140.6 KB

[Scene recorded from Unity] Assets used for this video (not included in the asset) :

Enviro (Sky weather), Gaia2 (Terrain procedural generation), Aura2 (Ambient light & volumetrics)


version 1.2.1


  • New asset: Palmtrees (5x)
  • New asset: Palmplant (1x)
  • New asset: Cactus (3x)
  • Upgraded pinetree trunk texture
  • Upgraded coast demoscene
Prefab List (with lods) ETP v1.2
ETP Assets1.2.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 200.8 KB

ETP 1.2 assets being implemented in Desert Town pack


  • New asset: Cypress tree
  • New asset: Climbing plants (x3)
  • New asset: Viola white flower
  • Upgraded project to Unity 2018

version 1.1


  • New assets included
    • 02 Terrain Small (+4, 3lod)
    • 04 Detail Small / Rocks (+10, 3lod)
    • 05 FX / Particles (+1)
  • New demoscene
    • Demoscene continental
  • New libraries included
    • dlnk Shader Library
    • dlnk Texture Library
Prefab list detailed (with lods) ETP v 1.1
ETP Assets1.1.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 166.7 KB

version 1.0



Most of the meshes includes LOD (Level Of Detail) for better optimization capabilities. You can check all assets details, polycount and lods in the “Extended Asset Info” page.

. Big Terrain: 28

. Small Terrain: 12

. Big Detail: 27

. Small Detail: 41

. Effects: 16



Most of the textures used in this pack are 4096x sized. Some of the maps frequently found in this pack:

. Albedo / Color

. Spec / Metal

. Ambient Occlusion

. Normal Map

. Cavity Map

. Metalness


ETP also includes some custom shaders (compatible with Shader Forge) to create custom effects or shader animation. Some of the included custom shaders:

. Double sided Cutout

. Advanced animated grass

. Advanced animated leaves

. Advanced Standard

. Advanced Top Bottom

. FX Water



This environment pack includes a texture library for detail maps. Most of the textures are based in source material from cg-textures.



ETP includes 3 demo-scenes for free:

. [Demo Mountain]: Main demo-scene using most of the assets

. [Demo Beach]: Secondary demo with special materials

. [Demo Assets]: ETP assets showroom

Anycase, all assets used in any demoscene that are not listed in the prefab folder are free to use but are not included in the asset support. 

[NOTE]: Currently trees are not meant to be used with unity's built-in terrain tree system. Use them as gameobjects, like in the demo-scene. We are working to improve compatibility with unity terrain soon.

[NOTE]: Grass animation is made using shader properties. That is the reason that wind movement could become weird depending on the scale. If you want to change wind speed or intensity on grass you can modify it by using the custom grass shader used in the material.

Asset Specs

Asset detailed list (version 1.0)
ETP Assets.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 266.4 KB

* Enlighten is an amazing realtime GI system but sadly It needs some time for radiosity calculations. If your scene shows up black, don’t worry, just wait until the Enlighten progress bar finish. (the blue one bottom right) 
** Character Sea Princess is not licensed under this pack and It has been included only for demo purposes. It is included as it is. DLNK declines all responsibility for the character in this pack as long as it is not part of the main asset. 
*** It is common to get warnings on material preview. That's kind of a glitch from custom shaders. It dissapairs when you import Shader Forge in your project. Its not relevant anycase.

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