Ancient Desert Town  (DT)


last unity version: 2019.3.1


With Ancient Desert Town you'll receive a complete pack to design several kind of fantasy "arabic style" city from scratch. Building meshes are meant to work using grid snap for an easy workflow. Also included several decoration assets to spice up your environment. Materials are designed to be customized for your needs using several multimaterials into meshes. Textures included are 2k sized for main uvs and 4k for detail. You can use the demoscene to learn how to work with the asset. This assets can be used for interiors, exteriors, both or even top/down environments. Finally, several nature assets from "Essential Terrain Pack" are included for free.

version 1.0

** WARNING: If you find any issues with missing or failing scripts relating to Post Processing Stack (Camera FXs) just import the asset from Unity Essentials here. (Cameras are setted up to work using it)



  • Basics
    • Arcs (8)
    • Blocks
      • Rocks (8)
      • Wood (15)
    • Columns (12)
    • Corners (11)
    • Floor (7)
    • Ornate (10)
    • Roofs (7)
    • Special (29)
    • Wall (12)
  • Advanced
    • Bridge (4)
    • Doors (7)
      • Pieces (11)
    • Fence (8)
    • Stairs (6)
    • Windows (11)
      • Pieces (12)
  • Deco
    • Fabric (9)
    • Lighting (4)
    • Special (6)
  • Building
    • Simple (6)


The pack contains simple meshes that can be used in almost every platform. Anyway using Oclusion Culling is recommended for better performance since a complex environment coud use hundreds of prefabs. Scenes must be designed differently for each platform to get good performance.



Several texture sheets included. There are many unique 2k textures for unwrapped meshes. Also detail textures are tileable & 4k sized. Some of the textures included are not used but can work for you if some customization needed. Materials are customizable. Meshes includes several material so you can choose the final style of any piece.



There is a demoscene included (the one used for advertising) where almost all prefabs are used. Chech it out to get an idea on how to properly use the different elements in a scene. Demoscene included is meant to work under an average (actual) desktop computer platform.

Additional Features

This pack includes some extra stuff for free to complete the ambience in your environment. This material is not under support for this pack although you should report any issue you find here.


Dlnk additional assets:

- Custom shaders (ShaderForge compatible)

- Custom scripts

- Essential Terrain Pack assets (19x)

* TOP DOWN FRIENDLY: This pack is meant to be able for using it in Top/Down mode while is not pre-set for this purpose. Roofs are different pieces from the rest of the blocks so they can be removed manually.

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