Neon City grows with Pro Buildings

Neon grows

Neon Buildings boasts a wide range of features to help developers create stunning neon city environments. With over 300 blueprints for Neon City, developers have a wealth of options to choose from when designing their virtual worlds.



This premium blueprint pack comes along with a big update for Neon City including almost 300 new prefabs (free for all owners of the asset)


Check out the Unity Asset here: NEON BUILDINGS


Link with all asset info: EXTENDED INFO

It could be easy to become Cyberpunk

The asset includes premade buildings with interior and decorative elements, as well as modular exterior prefabs and modular rooms interior. This allows developers to easily create complex and detailed cityscapes with a variety of building types, including skyscrapers and low buildings.


In addition to the building elements, the asset also includes stairs rooms premade, squares exterior, and premade level walls. These features provide even more flexibility for developers when designing their city environments.


To help developers get started, the asset also includes a large demoscene. This provides a great starting point for developers to see the potential of the asset and begin building their own neon cities.


Overall, this Unity asset provides a comprehensive set of tools and features for developers looking to create neon city environments in their games or projects.


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The Neon Collection

Neon City is updated one more time!

Updated to version 1.3

The latest update of the Neon City Unity asset brings a wealth of new features and improvements for developers. The update includes many new PBR texture sets and materials, as well as fixes for GUIDs to fit with other Daelonik Artwork assets. Additionally, the update includes many new free scripts to make scene building and control even easier.


The update also brings a number of fixes for prefabs and reorganizes the prefab folders for easier use. A total of 279 new prefabs have been included in the update, including building pieces, doors, windows, floors, walls, and more. The update also includes new street deco elements such as cable, moving cars, garden pits, and street ads. Overall, this update provides a wealth of new content and improvements for developers using the Neon City Unity asset.


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