Available for unity version: 2021.3+ (works on previous versions)

pipeline: All pipelines compatible

Neon Portraits collection

Do you need a wide collection of cyberpunk styled character portraits? That's your asset pack! With over 700 portraits for very different kinds of sci fi people from workers, scientists, aristocrats, vendors, space pilots, cyborgs, robots, children and a long etcetera you can give the final touch to your cyberpunk game or also can fit with another sci fi themed project!


  • All images included are PNG 1024x1024 sized.
  • This asset is crafted to fit with [Neon City] art style.
  • Useful for rpgs, dialogue screens, character sheets, graphic novels, strategy games, story driven games, etc.
  • Includes many different people and robots


[CONTENT LIST] (731 Portrait Images)


  • People (517)
    • Male (202)
    • Female (215)
    • Children (100)
  • Cyborg (107)
    • Male (57)
    • Female (50)
  • Robot Humanoid (107)


Special Note:

This icon portraits were created with help of IA and then enhanced and fixed with Photoshop and Lightroom. For this reason there could be some minor inconsistences with hands or similar still the material was checked to avoid or fix the most significant.


Special Note 2:

This pack is intended to grow with more content over time. All new updates will remain free for previous owners.

The Neon Collection