Mediterranean Nature Pack

Unity Asset (Asset Store)

Game environment


Allways thought that when you get an art asset from the store you don't want to mess with tons of specific requirements to learn before using it. Actually that idea I guess it could be applied to scrpiting assets too. All assets at Daelonik Artworks trend to be as easy as possible. Mostly just drag and drop and so is the way this asset works.


It can (and should) be combined with unity terrain or other third parties terrain assets (There are many ways to make your terrain look better than by default, just check the store a bit) but it just works by itself just with unity standard pipeline. Of corse it can be used in other pipelines with just updating the scene and materials a little bit.

SciFi Space Station Heavy

Unity Asset (Asset Store)

Game environment


It was time for a new asset. Long been waiting to find time for a space station design. Even though I'd like to create a bigger citadel I think the result was good enough, just little bit different than my fist idea. It's something that happens when you're working with low time budget and doing things on the run. Anyway the first stylish idea becomes a rough one with much iron and steel, but still interesting.

Most of the environment is designed to fit grid snap & highly customizable with low poly meshes and little high poly baked stuff but more work on textures wich can be switched easy while creating scenes. First version took about one and a half months to complete. Probably the most difficult part was making it fit with the grid since non square geometrics works really bad with a square grid. At first thought making it hexagonal but then I realised it's impossible to make it work that way. Even with octogonal shapes I had to check some mathematics to make it work fine.


Might have many more stuff but that'll be for further updates. It's just, sometimes you spend many hours working on a single asset and then sales doesn't reward your time. That's why I use to create functional versions of the asset to check sales before spending more time on it. Otherwise you could waste your time in stuff that could be really great but noone cares about. So anyway I have to say that Space Station Heavy an environment asset I've enjoyed to work at and quite like the result.

work in progress shots

Environment asset updates

Unity Asset Store

game environment (Unity)


For assets to be useful through time its required to keep updating them. Also I like to keep ugrading all big environment assets with new stuff making them bigger and better optimized.


The first stage of updates took several of the most interesting like Stronghold, Ancient Ruins (in wich worked with Rafaelo), Alien Terrain or Neon city.


Biggest update was for Neon city wich got several new prefabs, textures, and new demoscene. Next one was Alien Terrain and Stronghold Village wich also got a new environment demo with all new prefabs and the old ones too.


SciFi Space Colony Factory

Client: Asset Store

Time: 180 hours

Work: modeling lowpoly, texturing, unity integration, level design.



Keeping up with the sci-fi theme, and with a medieval/fantasy asset just released decided to create a "darker" space environment. Space Colony Factory was meant to be a factory, it end up being "cooler" than It was designed at first. Includes both interior and exteriors and it's also built to be used in Top/Down games if required.


It was intended to take less time than it finally did, but a good quality deserves an extra investment. Also for a better testing required to update Top/Down library (wich is freely included and works as a basic scene control to move from a 3rd person game to a Top/Down one)
Finally the scene was spiced with some Alien Terrain assets

Client: Asset Store

Time: 1,5 weeks

Work: modeling, texturing, unity integration.


The asset is meant to design a (more or less) custom futuristic and clean city, colony base or similar. For it's first update is time to fly so the platform that creates base for the city is now suitable to be just floating in the sky. Can be combined with grounded parts or other floating platforms.

SciFi Platform City update

Stronghold Village 1.9 Big update

Client: Asset Store

Time: 200 hours

Work: modeling lowpoly, texturing, unity integration, level design.



As one of the oldest environments for sale in my store, Stronghold Village was getting old, also my skills with unity have improved and I thought the moment for a relevant upgrade arrived. It took as much time as design a brand new environment, and that would probably bring more sales than a simple update, but it's also a commitment with the costumers that already purchased it.


It includes  hundreds of new prefabs for a good snap-grid level design including new "church assets" and new walls (older required some custom shaders with Shader Forge, wich is not beign updated now) Also included some deco props and nature.

The result, it's an updated medieval pack still useful with better performance than previous versions.


SciFi Platform City

Client: Asset Store

Time: ~ 3 weeks

Work: modeling lowpoly, texturing, unity integration, level design.


This new asset was at first meant to be my entry for the Neon Challenge (at Unity Connect) but time ended up before I could find a decent point for showing any interesting stuff and I just kept working with the pack for the store.


It's a very complete pack for futuristic clean cities. Made as a modular environment with different height levels including interiors & exteriors. As allways, it also comes with a decoration library to start with a believeable environment creation, but you can also include and mix it with other assets or custom models.


Client: Asset Store

Time: 9 days

Work: modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, unity integration.


With the idea of a sci-fy robot for prototyping it comes Elliot. High quality model suitable for both mecanim humanoid or legacy animation systems. Including 4k detail textures and about 20k triangles in mesh.


Character materials are highly customizable since is built with multi-material setup in each piece of the model so mostly all materials, textures and colors are suitable to be changed for a better fit.

Robot Elliot

Neon City

Client: Asset Store

Time: ~ 1,5 months

Work: modeling lowpoly, texturing, unity integration, level design.


2017 ended with a really awesome contest for the unity community creating cyberpunk style environments. Really wanted to be part of that but I had no time so decided to make my own Neon city with the same idea in mind.


It's been really amazing to create this tool since I sincerely love the ambience. Thinking about Blade Runner, Dreed, Total Recall or 5th Elemet (one of my favorite movies) really took me into this dark neon world while working on it.


Client: Asset Store

Time: ~ 1,5 months

Work: modeling lowpoly, texturing, unity integration, level design.


What I love about working for the asset store is that I have the oportunity to work in what I love into this game development world. At this point I wanted to explore the culture of the city I was born, Granada, place of one of the last and richest nasrid palaces in the world, Alhambra. Taking that into consideration I decided to work in a desert (arabic) style environment pack.


Research was fun and interesting, and also mandatory to understand the "ambience" I wanted to recreate. With this in mind, the result is a fantasy/medieval environment pack that allows the user to create small towns or even cities both interior and exterior, allways embracing this ancient arabic style that was once the admiration subject of the s.XVIII romanticism.

Ancient Desert Town