Alien Terrain Pack  (ATP)


last unity version: 2019.4.34

pipeline: SRP (Default) / HDRP / URP


This pack works both for alien or fantasy environments.  Ready to work under SRP, URP & HDRPWitover 200 assets included you can find organic shaped mountains, rock columns, glowing mushrooms, alien plants & trees, sharpened rocks, giant crystals, stone arcs and many more pieces to create your own environment according to your needs.  Also including particles for ambientation fxs and several demoscenes to check the asset. The pack includes also an alien texture library & more additional stuff. Finally to make things easier the pack includes a premade Gaia biome.


Render Pipelines

For URP or HDRP just import the required unitypackage witch is included in the asset folder.



Quality demonstrative video below:

  • Import dependencies only when using SRP.
  • When using any pipeline the custom shaders from other pipelines won't work as intended.
  • No need to import pipeline packages if not going to use it. Located in the main asset folder (DLNK/Alien Terrain)
  • Any issue with custom shaders check updated version here:


  • Upgraded to Unity 2019.4.18
  • Fixed terrain prefabs
  • Included new materials & textures
  • Included new scene (demo3)
  • Included Gaia Biome
  • 28 New prefabs:
    • Terrain/Column +9
    • Terrain/Crater +1
    • Terrain/Floating +1
    • Terrain/OrganicRocks +3
    • Effects +4
    • Details/Plants +3
    • Details/Trees +7

version 1.5


  • Upgraded to Unity 2019.3.7
  • Fixed issue with asset loading (huge size textures)
  • Fixed demosce 1 terrain
  • New demoscene (bigger & playable)
  • Included demo character
  • Included new 2k textures
  • Included animated shaders for plants & water fx
  • Included new assets:
    • Terrain/Organic Rocks (+3)
    • Terrain / Column (+1)
    • Terrain / Column / Column Tower (+1)
    • Details / Plants (+11)

blog entry (tutorials & making of)

version 1.4


  • New assets included
    • Terrain / RockBlock (11)
    • Effects (+3)
  • Demoscene updated
  • Updated to Unity 2017.3.1

version 1.3

version 1.2


  • New assets included
    • Terrain / Crater (4)
    • Terrain / Formation (5)
  • Demoscene updated
  • Image Effects upgraded to Post Processing Stack*

version 1.1


  • New assets included
    • Big Pieces / Columns (+5)
  • Demoscene updated
  • Free libraries included

version 1.0



  • [41 Terrain Pieces]
    • 26 Terrain Platforms
    • 15 Terrain Columns
  • [72 Detail Pieces]
    • 15 Mineral Rocks
    • 31 Glowing Mushrooms
    • 22 Alien Rocks
    • 4 Gas Pipes
  • [13 Particle Effects]



Alien Terrain Pack has been created under unity5 and is full compatible with built-in standard pbs material. Some of the maps used in this pack:

  • Albedo/color map
  • Metalness/Smoothness map
  • Normal map
  • Height/Depth map
  • Occlusion map
  • Cavity map
  • Emission/Glow map
  • Thickness map
  • Translucency map
  • Detail mask map
  • Detail albedo map
  • Detail normal map

About [TEXTURES]: Textures in this pack could be quite heavy for some platforms, but you can choose how unity manages the texture sizing for better game performance. Most of the textures uses 4k size (4096x4096) and are packed with full quality to fit the high end games. 



Alien Terrain Pack includes a set of custom tiled textures and materials meant to be used as detail maps or as isolated materials with organic/sharpened finishes. This packincludes 63 unique maps for: albedo, depth, metalness/smoothness, occlusion, detail mask, normal map, cavity, etc. All those maps are meant to work under unity built-in pbs material.

Test Character: Armored Golem

This video has been recorded with: Intel i7 3.6GHz / Nvidia GeForce 650ti / Windows 7 / DirectX 11 / Unity 5.1 

Some of the alien tileable materials included in the pack
Some of the alien tileable materials included in the pack


Demo-scene (as seen in the video) is just a small demonstration of the potential that can be achieved with this terrain pack. Includes most of the assets included in the pack.


This demo is full unity 5 ready and includes: 

. Unity5 built-in standard material

. Enlighten Ready*

. Reflection Probes Ready

. Light Probes with GI