Alien Terrain expands!

Was about time!

It's good time to become extraterrestrial since we can now create amazing outerworld landscapes for Unity with the improved pack: Alien Terrain.


What's inside? Good question. All required to create an alien environment even without using terrains, but also combining with the Unity terrain tool with the alien tileable texture library.


Full update changes list here.

Growing environment

Aside from the organic look of this terrain design, what we're talking about is all dlnk environments grows over time with new updates. This one comes to fix several version issues, since Unity updates causes some bugs over time so now it works under 2019.3.7 or above.


But every good update should come with new content and this one is no different. To spice up the terrain looks the new version comes with several strange plants, customizable (as allways) so you can change color, size or even the movement since animation comes from shaders.


On the other side some new blocks has been added to the terrain collection, as long as a new wider demoscene wich includes a short cinematic walkthrough and also a fully playable demo character with wich you would be able to inspect the place by yourself.

Extended Asset Info with updates

Crafting levels with Alien Terrain Pack 1.4

Also, to help you create your environments, some videos has been recorded so you can follow the design process for the new demoscene included in this pack update. (ES Audio)

First steps

In the first video the point will be creating a basic terrain with intersting shapes to start the level design from the ground. Including some assets & setting up the scene ambience is also our target.

Terrain blocks

Once the basics are done we work on decorating and fulfill the terrain with custom assets from the pack giving it the special lookup that is to expect from outerworlds.

Terrain blocks

In this video we will be including details on scene to make it look spiced and believeable as long as interesting and misterious. Water and mushrooms are the main part of it.

Terrain blocks

Ending terrain design with more deco and assets until it looks fine. (only waiting for plants)

Work in progress

Creating such an alien mess takes time and effort so sometimes it gets recorded to help you understand how this shit has been done. Might also be useful if you want to customize parts of it.

WIP: Alien Plants

This is a "work in progress" video showing how to create alien plants, but will be fine for you if you want to modify the existing ones to get a different lookup.

WIP: Alien Blocks

This video shows how some of the new alien terrain blocks included in the update has been created.