SciFi Colony Factory  (CF)


last unity version: 2018.3.12f1

Designed full modular, this asset pack will give you the tools to design your custom space colony buildings. It's designed for a factory, laboratory or scientific facility, but it's up to you to decide what could it become. Over a hundred prefabs for the first release with different blocks for easy build your scene (compatible with ProBuilder & grid-snap). It's also designed to properly work both top/down or 1st, 3rd person games. Includes texture & material library to customize your building if required. Low polycount meshes for mobile compatibility. Demoscene is set ready to play & test.
With decoration assets for a basic interior design and also some extra freebies.

version 1.0



  • Building
    • Blocks (1)
    • Doors (1)
    • Fence (2)
    • Pannels (6)
    • Pillars (2)
    • Roof Edge (8)
    • Stairs (2)
    • Wall Exterior (49)
    • Wall Exterior Big (23)
    • Walls (13)
    • Wall Pipes (6)
  • Active Elements (1)
  • Decoration
    • Containers (4)
    • Fences (3)
    • Furniture (4)
    • Machinery (4)
    • Technology (5)


The pack contains simple meshes that can be used in almost every platform. Anyway using Oclusion Culling is recommended for better performance since a complex environment coud use hundreds of prefabs.

Quick TIP: Don't use oclussion culling with Top/Down cameras. It will mess with dynamic levels in realtime.



Several texture sheets included. All textures are tileable & 2k/4k sized. Some of the textures included are not allways used so can work for you if some customization required. Also materials are customizable. Meshes includes several material so you can choose the final style of any piece.

There is included a premade material library with all materials from demoscene.



There is a demoscene included (the one used for advertising) where almost all prefabs are used. Chech it out to get an idea on how to properly use the different elements in a scene.

Quick TIP: Scene is meant to use [Post Processing] module. Once imported you should open the scene again to enjoy fxs.
** Character included for demo purposes

Additional Features

This pack includes some extra stuff for free to complete the ambience in your environment & prototyping. This material is not under support for this pack although you should report any issue you find here.


Dlnk additional assets:

- dlnk Texture Library

- dlnk Top Down Library

- Free Robot Ico character

- Free simple character controller

- Free Alien Terrain Pack assets (7x)

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