Dominance War V: Predom

Client: Dominance War

Time: 1 week

Work: concept art, highpoly & lowpoly modeling, texturing, animation, unity integration.


This time at Dominance War there was a pre-contest with the goal of creating a game boss.

Client: Many Worlds, 20th century

Time: 1 month

Work: highpoly & lowpoly modeling, texturing, animation, ogre integration.


To promote "Rise of the Planet of Apes" 20th century fox did contact with us to design a kinect based game where people can play as the main character of the movie. My part in this was about creating models and interface for the game.


Final game was exposed in Fuencarral, Madrid.

Rise of the planet of Apes VR promo

Various Contests

Client: Self

Time: 1-2 days each

Work: graphic design, image editing, comic.


Both fan-art contest I won for Nvidia and PlayStation Network

Client: Many-Worlds, Comfersa

Time: 2 months

Work: concept art, highpoly modeling, texturing, animation, render, realtime image integration, video edition.


This was my first augmented reality project. Meant to be shown at Atocha Station in Madrid, the main concept was to create an agumented reality event where alines came in a spaceship and abduct the person in the marker position.

AR: Aliens at Atocha Station

Hiperproteina: Graphic Design

Client: Hiperproteina

Time: 3 months

Work: labeling, web design, packaging.


While working for this gym products company I was in charge of all the design department.


Project: DarkMoon Curse


Client: Self

Time: 05-07

Work: concept art, interface design , highpoly & lowpoly modeling, texturing, animation, web design.


As part of my final project to get my degree on finearts I decided to work together with a programmer with the idea of creating a 2.5D game similar to Castlevania based on the Bram Stoker "Dracula".

website design

As part of my finearts degree I chose to learn some photography skills. For this purpose I made some portrait sessions & landscapes.



Dominance War IV

Client: Dominance War

Time: 1 month

Work: concept art, highpoly & lowpoly modeling, texturing, animation.


That was the second time I joined this amazing contest and I knew there were very skilled people so my target was to learn as much as possible.


With a 10k tris limit I worked on a complex character for a huge game boss. The really difficult part was to rig, skin and animate such number of limbs, but as expected, was a self-teaching project.

Client: Freelance contract

Time: 3-4 months

Work: concept art, illustration, world design, character modeling.


Another indie game project, this one quite ambitious, where I mostly worked making concept art. As the team was very small I had to work on making maps and some world and character design. Finally I only modeled one character before the project was cancelled.


On the other hand I was also teaching other artists to sharpen their skills with texturing & modeling.

Project: Raune Wars

Other Artworks


Dominance War III

Client: Dominance War

Time: 1 month

Work: concept art, highpoly & lowpoly modeling, texturing, rigging.


Dominance War is one of the finest game-art contest I've ever joined although I didn't won any prize, my best reward was to learn and improve my character design skills.


For this one I started with my first female character I ever did. Taking as reference the tutorial "Joan d'Arc" and mixing it with my own ideas and concepts.


Time: 1 month

Work: concept art, highpoly & lowpoly modeling, texturing.


This time is about another contest with the request of creating 2 spaceships with 9k tris as much for both and 1k sized textures.


My entry was kind of post-apocaliptic or you can call it a bit steampunk style (the main ship is inspired in a boat) with lots of rust & dirt.

Armada Challenge

Project: Nokturna

Client: Collaborative project

Time: 2 months

Work: concept art, illustration, highpoly & lowpoly modeling, texturing, animation.


This was an MMORPG indie project. I know it sounds weird to mix these two concepts but I was learning the job and I wanted some motivation for practicing as much as possible.


For this project I worked mostly with concept art and finally made only one character modeled in 3d.

character: gargoyle

Client: Collaborative project

Time: 1 month

Work: concept art, logo design


For this was a short attempt of creating a sci-fi themed indie game I just had time for some concepts and also designed the logo.

Project: Leviathan

Other Artworks

This year I was studying at the finearts university and I wanted to keep working on some personal projects while learning new techniques.

2007 & previous

Project: Artika


ingame screens

Client: Self

Time: 05-07

Work: concept art, graphic design, highpoly & lowpoly modeling, texturing, animation, ogre integration, etc.


For a long time my wish was to create a real videogame and make a living with this job, not just as an artist but as game designer & team leader so I tried several times. This is one of the more ambitious project I started. As allways happens where is no money, the idea finally fall down because of the lack of a good team. As much as we'd like to do there is no hope for this projects when you have other important things to do.


Anyway I made a lot of material trying to get an alpha version. Back then there were no Unity or Unreal Engine so we tried with an opensource engine called Ogre, but it had no editor, just libraries.

Concept art

Client: Latido Creativo & others

Time: ~ 1 week to 1 month / each

Work: modeling, texturing, render, image edition


Started into the job of 3d content creators with several recreations for different buildings (mostly in Granada, Spain). Most of them are created with Max using Mental Ray or Vray renderer.


I have to say that's not the best art job I could imagine but it was good as long as it kept me sharpening my habilities with render and was very demanded back then.

Arquitecture Infographics