Winter Assets into Unity5

With new assets added and new demoscene

Back in 2013 Tornado Twins in collaboration with CGSociety started an epic contest: Game Challenge where participants had the mission of creating a short but stunning game working with Unity5 and FPS Control.

The moment I saw I knew I wanted to join that contest. I really love making games, but I've never had the chance to make one by myself.

With about 2 months of hard work trying to find time while not at work for it I finally get kind of a game with a very simple gameplay based in a winter scene. Was very difficult for me as long as I've never made anything playable before. Anyway my little game called: The Escape won the "Best Reveal Award" at my first CGChallenge.

I was very happy with that but the game itself was very poor and I didn't want to waste that huge amount of work I had to spent on the project. Then I discover the Unity Asset Store! So I can make that environment works be useful for other developers and at the same time get something in return.

That was my start at the Unity Asset Store. Now Unity5 is ready and Winter Assets is updated with new assets and a new demoscene similar to the one created for "The Escape"

I hope you guys like it and use it with wisdom :)

You can watch the original environment for "The Escape" in the video below