Alien Terrain Pack 1.0 Available now!

Create your alien planet with over 120 different prefabs and growing.

Alien Terrain Pack (ATP) is the first terrain pack developed entirely under unity 5. Quality has been increased in comparison with older assets. Using 4K texture size for most of the pack and including up to 10 maps per piece to give you the source material to upgrade or customize your textures & materials. Albedo/Color maps included in PSD format to offer a better customization workflow.

All materials are also unity5 ready using PBS (Phisically Based Shading) under built-in Standard material.


On the other hand the pack with over 120 combinable prefabs has bigger potential than what you see in the demo-scene. The demo is kind of a showroom so you can see most of the pieces included, but not all of them.

Scene is created to test the pack and the power of Unity5. That's why it uses dynamic GI with Enlighten. Also includes Reflection Probe and Light Probe grids.


Another interesting feature in this environment pack is the alien tileable materials. Over 60 high quality maps and a set of materials to fill the scenes with alien details.

Testing some of the alien tileable materials included in the pack. (click to enlarge)
Testing some of the alien tileable materials included in the pack. (click to enlarge)

Additionally ATP includes different Particle FXs to create customized ambiences.

Glowing materials are also prepared for changing emissive color and intensity.


Finally with some Image Effects to improve the final result you can see the environment in your system looking similar to the video.


The pack includes a "lite" version of the beloved "Armored Golem" character for testing purposes only. (Not licensed in the pack).

TIP for Enlighten GI Scenes: For those who complains about their scenes looking black, I need to explain this:

Unity5 integrates Enlighten in the engine, but the job is not perfectly done. This unity is brand new and hasn't been tested for long. The result? Sometimes it doesn't work as we think it sould. When you download a new scene that uses Enlighten its very normal that the scene turns black and you have to wait until the GI baking process ends. You can watch the blue process bar in the right bottom of your unity main window. It is an extremely boring and slow process but there is no other way yet.

Also recommended: keep "Continuous Baking"  (Lighting panel) enabled everytime you save your scene and before enter playmode.