Including Sewers zone in Forbidden Dungeons

1.1 coming soon...

Keeping up

Forbidden Dungeons was intended to be much bigger in the initial sketch and this update is just the result of the pack being slowly completed.

Without a specific frame behind, this dungeons are designed as a creator tool for underground environments such as dungeons, sewers, maybe mines or other similar stuff with a bit of magical look (in a lovecraftian way).


The update will see the light of the Unity asset store about first or second week of the next month (depending on review delay)

The neverending asset

When you see the first version of this pack it's easy to think how weird are these assets to be used in a large dungeon. There was only one big circular room with a bunch of details and customizable parts, but in the end, a single-room environment. This is going to change a lot over time with every update like this one.


Sewers is the main frame for this update in a conceptual way. Probably not hard to find other uses for the assets included to create rooms or to fit with previous version pieces.

Improving performance

On the other hand, some customers gave me feedback about bad performance in low-end devices. With this update the most commonly used assets are including 3 LODs now to improve performance.

360 view (watch on Facebook)

Libraries updated

Also with the new assets comes a new unique texture library (dlnk Texture Library) wich will replace the old one with bigger textures (2k/4k) using multiple maps. Same happened with Shaders, while both old texture & shader libraries will be kept in the pack, the asset is going to use mostly the new ones with a better quality.