Toys become alive!

Many could have noticed I've been less active since a while (from Aug to Nov) but not really on vacations... Been working as freelancer for this project (promoted by Many-Worlds). Like past year, Carrefour trusted MW and they called me to work on the project. The idea was to create an app where you can see your christmas toys catalogue become alive in front of your eyes thanks to augmented reality technology.

That's a toy story...

As I said, that's not the first time I got involved in a similar project. Last year was the fireproof with the first version of this catalogue app.


Many-worlds took most of the work including programming but cg-art is quite a big deal when you need hundreds of toys modeled in lowpoly mobile ready.


That's the point of my work (together with a team of other artists). Recreating a lot of this toys in 3d was a hard work but the result is quite rewarding.

Finally if you want to take a look at the app click on this link.