Mediterranean Nature

There are many different climates in the world, but there's one that gave birth to most of the ancient classic empires & civilizations of the occidental world, that's all about the well known Mediterranean sea or as romans used to call "Mare Nostrum". This particular sea creates a special climate wich also comes with particular plants and creates specific terrain formations. This pack contains only a fraction of all the variety created by nature in these places of the world, enough to recreate the ambience of the local hills, forests and coasts and create your own mediterranean-style environment in your game.

Art assets should be easy to work with...

Allways thought that when you get an art asset from the store you don't want to mess with tons of specific requirements to learn before using it. Actually that idea I guess it could be applied to scrpiting assets too. All assets at Daelonik Artworks trend to be as easy as possible. Mostly just drag and drop and so is the way this asset works.


It can (and should) be combined with unity terrain or other third parties terrain assets (There are many ways to make your terrain look better than by default, just check the store a bit) but it just works by itself just with unity standard pipeline. Of corse it can be used in other pipelines with just updating the scene and materials a little bit.

What's inside?

This pack includes all the required stuff to create scenes like the one you can check in the demo video (wich is included in the pack) giving you the ability to create many different asset combinations. As allywas this pack can be used FPS or Top/Down (if required)


Performance Optimization

The asset uses lowpoly meshes for every prefab but also almost everyone of them includes up to 2 LOD levels for better performance.


Quality Texture Library

All textures in materials are 2k (balance quality and performance) including many different tileable detail materials for a better close view ingame so you can get as closer as you want and objects still show detail. Also included many materials for terrain textures & grass.


Believeable Nature

To get a believeable result in nature assets it's required not just great models and textures but also get them in movement since nature is not static, that's why all trees included got 2 wind simulation systems: By one side with classic animations for slow long movements and also using shaders for wind simulation in leaves and small branches.


Real rocks & cliffs

All terrain decoration and rocks has been taken directly from spanish natural parks using photogrammetry to get the most realistic result.


Custom Shaders

This pack includes some custom shaders to simulate plants & tree leaves with high performance animation, water shader and also a special relief shader used for higher quality on tree trunks, although materials using relief shader can be switched to standard for better performance.


For extended details check out [EXTENDED ASSET INFO]

Demo screenshots

Demoscene Walkthrough

Prefabs in the asset pack

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Making of...

Studio working on photogrammetry

Tree creation process