Unity Asset Pipeline Conversion

Tutorial for HDRP is not ready yet but process is pretty much similar to URP, you probably should check the video for URP.


  • First try automatic conversion wich will create an aproximate version of all standard materials in the selected pipeline.
  • For particles is required to change materials manually, check out other particle shaders that work in the pipeline used.
  • For nature elements and other materials using custom shaders ([ASE Shaders]) check out this [LINK] to download custom shaders for the required pipeline.
  • If you still find serious issues with the asset conversion you can request support using the issue report form.
  • For additional info, community help or any other discussion please join Discord channel


  • What if there is some materials using custom shaders that are not included in the shader pack I've downloaded for the selected pipeline?
    • That only can mean the shaders used are old from the legacy/deprecated libraries. Best option is change that materials to standard shader and then use automatic conversion.
  • Particle materials in the pack doesn't convert with automatic conversion. What could I do?
    • Suggested workaround for this issue is to change shader to legacy particles wich should work properly. Material might require a bit of editing shader variables in this process.
  • There is plans to upgrade assets to URP / HDRP?
    • Yes, as soon as possible.
  • What can I do if I find trouble converting the asset to my pipeline?
    • First check the guidelines & tutorials. If that doesn't solve your problem don't hesitate on using Discord channel or issue report form to get support.