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Motion Clips


Demon Girl


last unity version: 2017.3.1


This is an art set for a demon female character. Made with high quality mesh and textures, includes a set of 21 animations for basic humanoid movement plus 14 legacy ready clips. You can also add your custom animations for the character. Customizable material with a complete set of textures and different color sheets. Clothing are mixed with an skinned armor and some realtime fabric cloth. Weapon included.



  • new 14 animations legacy/mecanim ready
  • improved materials
  • 3x new body textures
  • updated to unity 2017.3.1



For a better customization model is divided in 4 meshes: body, armor (with cloth) and weapon:

Body Tricount: 9k

Armor Tricount: 2k

Weapon Tricount: 1k



PBR materials are ready to use but it can also be customized. It comes with several albedo maps for each part. Includes the following maps: albedo, cavity, occlusion, normals, emissive.


It includes some custom shaders for 2sided materials.



Character is fully rigged with a humanoid skeleton and includes generic animations with all the needed to make it work. Includes the following animations: 3x idle, 2x get hit, 4x attack, jump, 4x walk, 2x run, fall, cover, die.


You can check the animations in the video demo (description up)



The package also includes the demoscene seen in the video with the character in a blank lightened scene with a demo animation controller.

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