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Robot Elliot


last unity version: 2017.3.1


Elliot is a high quality robot character asset suitable for mecanim humanoid or legacy animation (including 13 premade animations). Full model is about 20k tris (13k polygons) and include several highly customizable materials with 4k textures. Character has been correctly tested with Standard Assets character controller. 




For a better animation workflow the character is divided into several meshes since it's a mechanic system. some of them can be removed or changed if required.

Polycount: 13,2k

Tricount: 19,8k



PBR materials are ready to use but it can also be customized. It comes with several maps for each part. Includes the following maps like albedo, cavity, occlusion, normals...

Materials can be customized in the editor to change the full lookup of the character since it uses multimaterial workflow.




Character is fully rigged with a humanoid skeleton and includes generic animations with all the needed to make it work. Includes the following animations: idle, look around, attack 3x, get damage 2x, die 2x, jump, run cycle, walk cycle, stunned.

The model can be used also with legacy animation system since it includes animations made for the same skeleton.



The package also includes the demoscene seen in the video with the character set up to reproduce animations into a demo animation controller.

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