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Zombie Cartoon


last unity version: 2019.3

Zombie Cartoon

Zombie Cartoon is a complete asset where you will find a character fully prepared to play with including animations, textures, shaders, etc.

Also is very customizable so you can create a zombie crowd just with one simple model wich is a very nice option if you want random generated zombies or dont want to use a lot of memory for your models. Also is mobile optimized with a very low polycount. 

* rendered with M.Toolbag

* unity shader



  • updated demoscene
  • updated scripts & shader
  • unity 2017.3.1

v 1.1

  • Updated to Unity 5.5.0
  • Updated demoscene

v 1.0


Zombie Cartoon is a very optimized character for use on every platform with a very good look despite of his low polycount.

Body Tricount: 508

Weapon Tricount: 72



Zombie Cartoon includes a shader that allows you to choose the color of every cloth piece, eyes and skin and also choose diferent shininess intensity for each piece.

In addition there are 12 different blendshapes that allow you to create different versions of the character. That allows you to create a hole crowd of zombies from the same model reducing memory usage and also gives you the chance to create random zombies on the fly.



- Fat shaped

- Athletic shaped

- Normal Head

- Right Eye Left

- Left Eye Left

- Right Eye Small

- Left Eye Small

- Chamfed Head

- Chamfed Jaw

- Lemon Head

- Right Side Head

- Left Side Head



Character is fully rigged and animated with all the needed to make it work and includes the following animations:

- Rise Up

- Idle

- Walk Normal

- Walk Zombie

- Trot Zombie

- Run Zombie

- Attack Hit

- Attack Bite

- Get Damage 1

- Get Damage 2

- Die 1

- Die 2

All animations are ready to work with or without weapon

You can check the animations in the video or in the webplayer demo (description up)



The package also includes the demoscene seen in the video, same scene as the webplayer.