Submachine Gun Reaper


last unity version: 2017.3.1


This package contains the art pack "submachine gun reaper" with all the resources for using this weapon in your game. Including the model, a customizable material with next-gen shaders & textues(DX11 tessellation shader inside). Also includes a demoscene with several scripts (thanks to spoke) to make it work with the weapon control system. 



  • Updated to Unity 2017.3.1
  • improved 4k detail texture
  • updated scene


  • Fixed scene
  • Updated pack to  Unity 5.5.0

v 1.5


. Weapon mesh: 0,7k tris


The package includes 2 new shader (update 1.5) with a next-gen material and the following textures (2048x & 1024x PSD included):

. Albedo/Main color

. Specular map

. Gloss map

. Reflection Mask

. Reflection cubemap

. Color Tint Mask

. Displacement heights

. Cavity map

. Occlusion map

. Translucency map

. Normal map

The following shaders are also included and are editable with ShaderForge.

. SuperShader Opaque (Generic next-gen opaque)

. DX11 Tessellation (SuperShader with tessellation)


It is also important to use the vfx & sfx for a better result...

. Shot vFX

. Shot sFX

. Cartridge

. Smoke particle system


This is an art asset so the control system is a "free gift" in the package. It is provided as is, so we dont guarantee support for it. It includes: . Shot system

. Cartridge system

. Focus system

. Ammo counter

. Reload ammo


Demoscene as seen in the webplayer & video-demo is also included with all the weapon control systems to make it work ingame. The platform is also included. 

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