Essential Terrain Pack

Be water my friend. Be terrain also.

Since unity 5 terrains are extremely slow to bake. That gave me the main idea for ETP. Create a terrain pack that doesn't use any terrain tools. Everything in the pack is just mesh with lods and shader animation.

Unity 5 also comes with some glitches in the built-in tree system. That is the reason you'll find a lot of nature assets included in ETP.

Finally to complete the pack there are some special effects like water shaders, clouds and several particle systems.

All terrain meshes are combinable . Materials are fully customizable including Top/Bottom masking, tree leaves & grass animation using the custom shaders included. Custom Shaders are also editable with Shader Forge.

Check the assets included in the video-demo & the webplayer below.

Test Character: Sea Princess Mahia


This video has been recorded with: Intel i7 3.6GHz / Nvidia GeForce 650ti / Windows 7 / DirectX 11 / Unity 5.1 

Webplayer Size: 82 Mb

Note: Webplayer may run slow in old graphic cards. If you find troubles with this webplayer please report here.

Note2: Textures in this webplayer are about 25% of the real size (example: if texture size is 4096x4096 pixels in the real asset, the texture you are watching in this webplayer is 1024x1024.)

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