Forbidden Dungeons sewers

Big Update 1.1 including new zones!

Finally the second part of this dungeon environment is ready for download at Unity asset store. Forbidden Dungeons 1.1 includes the next part of these dungeons with new levels & tons of prefabs for creating a dark underworld. Corridors, sewers, & rooms. All made by pieces so you can build your own custom map or use the pre-built sections.

Top Down

Even though is not ready to work under Top/Down (it doesn't include any system to manage it), rooms & corridors are made by pieces so ceilings can be removed whenever you want.

Different levels

You can mix between different levels of sewers & corridors in your game using the new prefabs or even create your own ones mixing basic prefabs.


Using the different rooms & corridors you can manage to build your custom levels the way your game requires.