Stronghold 1.9 Big update

Finally easy to build your own village

Nine updates from the origintal "Castle Pack" this asset finally reaches the point where it's easy to build while creating quality graphics, because it includes (requested by community) tons of snap grid ready assets while old ones are becoming deprecated. New 2k & 4K textures brings high quality to the pack materials. Also using multimaterial in several assets keeps the pack customizable to fit the needs of the level design.

Let's talk about cameras

Not indeed. In fact that's about gameplay mode, but let's say it that way. This asset is meant to work both 3rd person camera / handheld.. or Top/down, isometric view. Checking the demoscenes you'll see that all buildings can be decomposed by plants to properly work with cenital cameras if required. Actually there is a scene controller included "dlnk Top/Down Library" not being used in 1.9 demo but still working if properly configured with a player controller and cameras.

Building your own fantasy city

Working with a big asset pack like this requires a bit of knowing how it works, thats why demoscenes are included. Anyway there are plans to make tutorials in a near future. Recommendation from creator is not to mess around too much with deprecated material. Much of it is meant for keep old versions working but it won't work as fine as intended with new assets. That's also reason why demoscenes are numbered with it's relative versions. With the last demoscene you'll actually check all the updated tools to create environments with Stronghold Village.

Interior, exterior or both

You'll find many tools in this pack to create both exterior and interior environments or both things at the same time. This last option is taken in all demosceens available now. It's relevant to know that it's also the most heavy option in terms of optimization and polycount. In this point I recommend for each creator to take the weight of the models and textures, the size of the environment and the target platform and decide wich method to use taking that into account.