Stronghold is back to Castle

Years ago, back to 2014 it appaired a new fantasy environment pack in the asset store called "Castle Pack" wich tried to fill a gap in the store provinding assets that could be used specifically for fantasy castles. In all this time this asset has changed so much that it doesn't even keep it's original name.


With 9 major updates and tons of small ones, this asset is now called Stronghold Village pack. Includes over 2000 prefabs and many extra assets such as textures, shaders, scripts to work on top down, etc. This is a very old asset pack for the Unity store lifetime, but has been under maintenance since it was born. Today is getting another update that will include once again a Castle demo. So we could say that's like looking back to the origins of this asset.

what's new in 1.9.3?

This update comes with a bunch of new prefabs, new materials and textures, some new included nature assets and of corse,  the most important: a new fantasy castle demoscene. Aside from many fixes in prefabs (like lighting props wich now are loosing the tilt script due this was performing quite slow and some shader changes). Also included some new shaders: ASE (wich means Amplify Shader Editor) so you can edit them yourself if you got this amazing asset (strongly recommended)


New demoscene is playable with simple controls and you can check it out both in top down or 3rd person.

Assets might come along with Stronghold

Work in progress

Here there are some shots if you want to take a look at the process of making this last update.