Winter is not coming anymore

It's already here...

  Winds of the distant north are howling around and nobody disrespects their terrible fate. That's what your player might probably think when they face with the amazing glacial landscapes you are now able to create with just a few clicks using this new beautiful asset pack!


  Check out all the stuff included in this Unity asset (Unity exclusive for the moment) and learn how you can freeze the souls of your players with it! And it's also on Limited time SALE 30% OFF Launch Offer!

asset features

  • 264 Modular Prefabs
  • Particle effects
  • 95x Tileable textures
  • Over 100 decoration elements
  • Demoscene included
  • ASE Shaders with 12 custom effects shaders
  • Shaders are editable with Amplify Shader Editor
  • Special shader for Snow covered meshes
  • Optimized performance with 3 LODs for each prefab
  • Gaia Ready: includes premade biome
    (Gaia version 2 or above)
  • Unity 2019 or above
  • The Vegetation Engine support (feature in development/not yet ready)

discount on update

  This asset is a major update of Winter Assets including so many changes that both packs are not even compatible together in the same project, however if you own Winter Assets you get almost 35% OFF discount on this product!

asset compatibility

To get full compatibility with other Daelonik artworks assets is recommended to use Winter Lands instead of Winter Assets.


Along with the release of Winter Lands there will be updates for all the rest of nature assets to improve proper compatibility among them all.


The making of

*spanish talk

In fact most of the process of creating this asset pack was live streamed on Twitch* (although videos will dissapair over time). Maybe you are on time to take a look at some of the videos where is shown the design of the demo level environment.

Anycase there will possibly a "reassambled" video showing some highlight moments of the environment design work.


For everyone out there interested in checking asset news, making ofs, wips, etc. ask yourself... why don't I follow on rss? There's a discord and instagram and twitter and bla bla bla... here.

wip shots gallery

ia references

Working on this environment I've been interested in testing how much could it help using IA (midjurney) for getting some custom art references and concepts quickly. Here is a quick gallery:

nature assets

from Daelonik Artworks