Winter Assets Pack  (WA)


last unity version: 2019.4

pipeline: SRP (Default) / HDRP (Downloadable) / URP (Downloadable)


With the Winter Assets Pack you can use to easily make cold winter environments with different assets to make icy ground, snow, ice floes, snow walls, rocks, natural crystals, iceberg blocks, etc. Also comes with custom shaders including different shader libraries for URP and HDRP.

Finally it includes a free demoscene using all assets.

Version 1.7


  • HDRP additional upgrade pack available Unity 2020.3 or above
  • URP additional upgrade pack available Unity 2019.4 or above
  • updated HDRP & URP shaders
  • updated HDRP & URP scenes
  • included new top/bottom custom shader

pipeline upgrade

Winter Assets works on SRP by default. If you're using another pipeline follow these steps:

  1. Import asset from Asset Store.
  2. Download and import incremental download for your pipeline.

[TIPS for pipeline update]

  • Import dependencies only when using SRP.
  • When using any pipeline the custom shaders from other pipelines won't work as intended.
  • Any issue with custom shaders check updated version here [dlnk Shader Library]
  • It is recommended when first time using the asset to import in a blank project to check out everything works properly.

pipeline downloads

Version 1.6


  • Updated to Unity 2017.3.1
  • Updated demoscene
  • Updated refraction shader
  • Deleted deprecated scripts


  • New assets included
    • Iceberg Blocks (+8, x3 lods)
    • Particle Fxs (+3)
  • Added Free libraries
    • dlnk Shader Library
    • dlnk Texture Library
  • Updated demoscene

Version 1.5


. Unity 5 ready

. Fixed some issues in meshes

. Updated materials to PBS

. New scene using Enlighten with Dynamic GI

. Added new prefabs: 

+ 6 Mesh-based terrains

+ 2 Old Planes

+ 5 new Big Environment Pieces

+ Winter Elevator

+ Stairs

+ 3 Light Lamps

Version 1.3


. Fixed problem with water for Unity Free (free demoscene)

. Fixed problem with lightmapping UVs in WinterWall4 mesh

. Changed some heavy TGA textures for JPG

. Udated some materials with occlusion maps

. New scene materials“snowy-top” 

. Customizable snow level on assets

. New shader library added:

In 1.3 you’ll find included the new “DLNK Standar Shaders” that includes features as the following: 

. Fast rendering with SM3

. Refraction Glass (for pro versions) 

. Transparent Glass (without refraction) 

. IBL Fake Shader

. Top/Bottom

. Relief shaders

. Parallax shaders

. Detail Shaders

. Glow Emssive (works as lightmapper also) 

. Optimized for better performance

. Compatible with unity built-in shaders


Also demoscenes has been updated and included a new version of the last demoscene for Unity free users. 

Mobile Friendly

Demoscene has been tested on android platform (OnePlus One). I cannot say it will work on every mobile, and it will probably run fast only in high end devices. Recommended to change shaders for mobile version. 

Version 1.2

initial version screens



. Ice Bridge

. 5 Ice Crystal

. 3 Ice Floe

. 2 Ice Pieces

. 5 Ice Wall

. 4 Particle Systems

. 6 Rocks

. Winter Rock Gate

. Aurora Sky


Not every asset in the pacakge works the same way but most of them includes the following maps

. Albedo/Color map

. Occlusion map

. Cavity map

. Normal map

. Diplacement map

You will also find some custom shaders in the package (created using shaderforge):

. Basic Refraction

. Bump Detail

. Bump Detail Reflection

. Bump Occlusion

. Bump IBL OCC

. Light Emissive Rim

. Mixed Lighting Rim

. Parallax Occlusion

. Parallax Reflection

. Parallax Rim Occlusion

. SSS Fake

. Water Flow


It is very important to have a place where you can test how the asset works and see how to build with it. That’s why I’ve included the 1.2 demoscene version (as seen in the video)