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02. January 2018
Hotfix for all assets using javascript files, not working now on Unity.
17. April 2017
I've not received any feedback yet from costumers, but anyway I've come to realise that using big scenes from some of the 5.5 version updates end up with a bigh memory crash. (tested up to 32Gb RAM) In my experience that could happend with only the bigger ones, like the last SP demo. If you dont find any troubles with this, you can play along with the asset as usual. In case that issue happend to you, please wait until new quick update. It's in the way. I think it's related with the changes on...

07. March 2017
Since I've received a nice feedback from user Diego Liermann telling about several issues when updating Ancient Ruins to Unity 5.5.0, there is comming a hotfix update. Now terrains, particles & materials look good as intended. Cameras and Fxs have been updated in demoscenes to look better with Cinematic Image Effects. Character is still included but only in last demoscene (Ancient Ruins 1.3) and olders keep included using Free Camera. Finally if you need this update quickly please send mail...
03. February 2016
AR and ETP packs are now updated to Unity 5.3.1 in order to fix the recent issues caused by shaders not working properly. Also Winter Assets has been updated to include some missing scripts in new version. Issue: Issues with custom shaders on Unity 5.3.1 Winter Assets 1.5.1: - Image Effects updated Ancient Ruins 1.2.1: - Shaders fixed - Old water shader removed Essential Terrain Pack 1.01: - Shaders fixed - Scenes Lighting Data file created (not auto mode)

26. January 2016
Its happening very often that I receive a message where one of you have serious problems with the new environment packs. Everything looks pink like the shader doesn´t work. And that´s actually the problem. In this link you can find extra info about the issue: Shader forge issue info thread Some lines on the shader code automatically made by Shader Forge does not work in the new version of unity so I had to find the solution.