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10. April 2017
As allways, looking for references in my hometown, Granada, I've decided to take a walk and take some pictures of the surroundings of the ancient fortress from nasrid ages. The andalusi culture was a very rich one back in time. In this town there were three cultures living together: jewish, christians & muslims. That mix and the fact that this kingdom was for hundred years, independent from Damascus caliphate, makes it unique in the world, and also, one of the most visited remains of his...
16. March 2017
Just decided to take a walk today and there was a very windy day, so fresh air at least. (Even being on the coast, this city air is very polluted usually) And, as I like to, I was taking a few videos & pics to use as real-life references whenever needed. I have to addmit this city is very clean but just inside the city itself, the rest of the environment is quite dirty, lots of garbage everywhere.

12. March 2016
When you're curious you can find interesting stuff wherever you are. I've decided to start this project watching the fact that I'm now living on the coast. In fact this is a personal advice for those of you who are trying to start any kind of artistic project. Start searching in your suroundings what can look interesting to you. Then make the magic happen using your creative mind and the tools you need for your field. I'm starting a new enviroment, wich I want it to rise a new quality level so...