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08. February 2017
From now on almost every asset in the store is in documentation process previous of an upcomming update. All updates are in documentation process. Once finished, Unity will check the assets for (expecting not far from 3 weeks) and all updates will be available for download. Unity 5.5.0 will be the new version used for the updated packs. As allways, all previous versions will be kept downloadable but doesn't get the updated content. The only two packs that are not being updated are the two last...
09. July 2016
With this new update, Ancient Ruins Pack gets all new "dlnk Generic Libraries" such as new original 2k textures, new pbr shaders updated to the last Unity version, etc. A new demoscene mixing different assets in a new way and including also new stuff to get a better & more complex ruins to take your players to the forgotten ancient world.

11. April 2016
To find the best references is a nice habit to take your camera to every place you go. The knowledge of the reality always comes first than the creative process. It's the mind who draws, not the hand.
10. April 2016
Stronghold Update 1.6: Work in progress I've came to the conclusion that most of the medieval environments are being used to make RPGs, Moba, or any other Top/Down games. With that in mind, I have to officially annouce that next package update is for Stronghold Pack. This 1.6 update of the pack will include a new Top/Down system for free (wich means not much support in therms of scripting because it's an art asset). This new feature will allow you to show or hide the upper floors to show all...

28. August 2015
I have found some fantasy inspiration those days. That's why the next asset in the workshop will be a very special dungeon pack. This one will be designed as a medium sized but very detailed environment. As inspiration I've taken ruins of ancient India, medieval interiors and also some details from "Valle de los Caidos" in Spain, ( Valley of the Fallen ).