Ancient desert town for Unity

What's a desert without an ancient town? I mean, it's a desert, but a boring one... That's why this pack comes to give your fantasy game a cool medieval-arabic style city. Or village, or just a lonely house, or a castle. That's your choice because it's a modular pack where you can build your own stuff from basics like walls, doors, windows. Can also be used for Top/down games if that's your project requirement. You can also edit many prefabs to change materials since many meshes uses multimaterial to allow customization. Finally several decoration prefabs and some free assets from Essential Terrain pack to spice your scene with a better ambientation.

Video realtime using Unity 2017.3.1 & i7, Gforce GTX970

Sand & wind

Been working on sci fi stuff since start of this year so this time subject has changed. With a medieval fantasy style this pack is designed taking into reference the ancient middle-east cultures. At first it wasn't clear if the theme could include egyptian, nubian or mesopotamic look alike, but then I started taking references strongly from my own born town, Granada, where nasrid (ancient muslim culture) lived from 711 to 1492 (Also the place where Christopher Columbus got the money from spanish queen Isabel to travel to America). With so much reference in my hands the asset quickly focused in that particular style. (Some nasrid fortress Alhambra references)

Work in progress (Quick sight)

asset content

With Ancient Desert Town you'll receive a complete pack to design several kind of fantasy "arabic style" city from scratch. Building meshes are meant to work using grid snap for an easy workflow. Also included several decoration assets to spice up your environment. Materials are designed to be customized for your needs using several multimaterials into meshes. Textures included are 2k sized for main uvs and 4k for detail. You can use the demoscene to learn how to work with the asset. This assets can be used for interiors, exteriors, both or even top/down environments. Finally, several nature assets from "Essential Terrain Pack" are included for free.