Stellar SciFi Sale

This june'20 is one step into the future

From this June 1st to 12th there will be fun for those who're developing some sci fi projects. Unity is running a wide sale with multiple assets for you with great discounts. For us at Daelonik Artworks we do have 3 great environment assets for sale now:

Sci Fi Platform City

With SciFi Platform City you get a tool to create futuristic cities with different levels in a modular workflow. It comes with near 140 prefabs including different blocks to create exteriors & interiors and also elevations & floating platforms to make it spicy. Just add different details from electronics, furniture, etc. Blocks are made to fit among them with a few clicks. You can also use it as FPS or Top/Down environment since rooms are made of separate pieces so you can remove roofs whenever you want. Finally includes high quality materials that allow a high level of customization for the final lookup.

Sci Fi Neon City

Neon City brings to you the ability for creating a complex cyberpunk style city using basic prefabs (grid snap ready) or premade modular walls depending on your customization request. Also with a high quality texture library using multimaterials you are able to customize the lookup of your city according to your needs. Includes lots of street details (lighting, street furniture, pipes, fences, fire stairs, etc.) to give your environment a believeable ambience. Finally using customizable building prefabs you can design the skyline of your city with cool skyscrapers.

Space Base Pack

Space Base includes a lot of modular & customizable prefabs for building your own space base. It's designed to work in space and also as colonial base in outer planets. It includes several rooms and corridors wich can be divided with doors. Also the material can be customized for each part of the asset. You can use the included or your own custom ones. It doesn't require lighting since everything is illuminated with textures. Its suitable for exteriors, interiors and also Top/Down games.

Finally decorate the environment with the props included or mixed with other assets and you'll have your space scene ready!

Other recommended Sci-Fi assets from the store: