last unity version: 2021.3.29

pipeline:Builtin (Default) / HDRP (Downloadable) / URP (Downloadable)

Space Base

This pack includes a lot of modular & customizable with over 300 prefabs for building your own space base. It's designed to work in space and also as colonial base in outer planets. It includes several rooms and corridors wich can be divided with doors. You can create your own rooms with modular assets.  Also materials can be customized for each part of the asset. You can use the included or your own custom ones. It doesn't require much real lights since everything is illuminated from GI with textures. Its suitable for exteriors, interiors and also Top/Down games.

Finally decorate your level with the props library included or mixed with other assets and you'll have your space scene ready!

demop screenshots


update 1.1.1

[Pipeline Update (URP/HDRP)]

Update your Space Base asset for the required render pipeline downloading the unitypackage file avaiable in the links below and import into your project.

Unitypackages are made with Unity 2019.4.34 LTS

unitypackage download

update 1.1.2

  • Updated to Unity 2021.3
  • Fixed compatibility issues
  • GUIDs updated to fit standard among assets
  • Removed unused material
  • TIFF textures converted to PNG for less memory consumption
  • Updated scene lighting
  • Rebuilt HDRP and URP packages
  • Updated custom shaders


[top down]

update 1.1




  • Updated to Unity 2019.4.18
  • New tiled textures & materials (2k size)
  • New demoscene (Demo Station)
  • New free assets from Essential Terrain
  • Old active elements deprecated
  • Top/down control system for demoscene
  • 178 New prefabs included:
    • Build Assets / Module Builder (82)
      • Floors (+24)
      • Modules (+13)
      • Roof (+20)
      • Walls (+25)
    • Build Assets / Big Room (+4)
    • Build Assets / Corridor (9)
      • Round (+2)
      • Small (+3)
      • Wide (+4)
    • Deco Assets (83)
      • Containers (+6)
      • Doors (+2)
      • Fence (+4)
      • Furniture (+24)
      • Items (+12)
      • Stairs (+8)
      • Structure (+5)
      • Tech (+21)
      • Vehicles (+1)

version 1.0

* TOP DOWN FRIENDLY: This pack is meant to be able for using it in Top/Down mode while is not pre-set for this purpose. Roofs are different pieces from the rest of the blocks so they can be removed manually as shown in the images below.



  • Active Objects
    • Active Doors (11)
    • Containers (7)
    • Misc (1)
  • Room (14)
    • Pieces (9)
  • Connection corridor (4)
  • Wide Corridor (17)
    • Pieces (5)
  • Platform
    • Pieces (8)
    • Pillars (10)
  • Doors (3)
  • Props
    • Antenna (2)
    • Containers closed (7)
    • Engine (2)
    • Misc (17)
    • Panels (12)
    • Pipes (8)
    • Stairs (4)


The pack contains simple meshes that can be used in almost every platform. Some of them are quite more heavy but it also includes some Lods for this purpose.



Several texture sheets for the base included. All unique (non-tileable) textures are 4k sized. Tileable ones are meant to create several different materials with a smooth finish.



There is a demoscene included (the one used for advertising) where almost all prefabs are used. Chech it out to get an idea on how to properly use the different elements in a scene.



Doors, containers, sleep chambers, etc all work using Top/Down library from DLNK (although the scritps are not set up to work on Top/Down camera). You can use them with this library or use your own system and delete the scripts included in the trigger for each object.

Additional Features

This pack includes some extra stuff for free to complete the ambience in your environment. This material is not under support for this pack although you should report any issue you find here.


Dlnk additional assets:

- 4x Essential Terrain Pack assets

- 12x Alien Terrain Pack assets

- Armored Golem Lite character

- dlnk Top/Down Control system*


** WARNING: If you find any issues with missing or failing scripts relating to Post Processing Stack (Camera FXs) just import the asset from Unity Essentials here. (Cameras are setted up to work using it)